Are Cockapoos Good With Kids?

So we know a cockapoo is a man’s best friend, but it’s also a kid’s. The modern family includes a happy couple, a kid or two and a dog. They’re valued members of the family (the dog, not the kids), and they bring a unique kind of happiness that can’t be measured.

Most children ask for a dog at some point, and parents aren’t always sure it’s the best idea. The reasons for their concern are valid, like what if the dog hurts my child? What if my child hurts the dog? What if I can’t manage both? Who’s going to clean the poop? Who’s going to feed it? We’re still talking about the dog here, just in case you were wondering

It’s okay to worry about these things, but there are many positives to raising a kid with a cockapoo in the house. Here are our top 10 reasons.

1. Cockapoos are a good way to teach kids responsibility

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A cockapoo will teach your kid responsibility from a young age. It’s normal for children to clean their rooms, wash dishes and take out the trash, but honestly, these don’t require any accountability. Caring for another living thing is something very different.

The best way to do this is to assign a few tasks, for example:

Mastering these few tasks requires discipline and will instil a sense of responsibility that some adults don’t even have.

2. Cockapoos make the best listeners

The reason, or at least one of them, that a dog is called ‘man’s best friend’ is their loyalty, unconditional love and ability to listen. A dog won’t judge; if they do, it won’t say anything. What gets said to a cockapoo stays with a cockapoo.

On a more serious note, there is a psychological benefit to having someone or some cockapoo listen to you, especially if a child isn’t comfortable talking to other adults or parents.

3. Cockapoos help children become better socialised.

Socialising your child doesn’t need to involve other kids; a dog can play as big a part. According to various studies, a child that grows up with a pet in the house shows better social development compared to children of the same age who don’t. At an early age, when children are still developing their socialization skills, they’re often more sensitive, and a dog is a perfect pal that won’t laugh at them or tease them.

4. Kids are less prone to allergies with a dog

An infant that grows up with a pup in the house is less likely to be allergic to dogs and cats than an adult. However, it needs to be before the age of one year. After that, there’s no correlation between reduced allergies and having a pet.

While researchers aren’t entirely sure why, they think that while the baby is still developing its immune system, exposure to dog-related bacteria and allergens strengthens its immunity.

5. Cockapoos encourage a more active lifestyle

Telling kids to go outside and toss a stick on their own doesn’t make much sense. Nor does telling them to take a walk around the block, but having a cockapoo with kids, both activities are loads of fun. According to the American Heart Association, cockapoos can prevent obesity and heart disease. Perhaps sedentary adults should get a cockapoo too.

6. Dogs are a natural antidepressant

Depression is serious at any age, but it’s particularly harmful to children still finding their place in the world. Studies show that pets and cockapoos can significantly help fight this terrible disease.

Cockapoos offer a unique, unconditional love that can help anyone suffering from depression.

7. Kids with dogs get sick a lot less

We know cockapoos can reduce allergies, help with obesity and heart disease and support someone who suffers from depression, but they can also help kids fight off illness.

Children with dogs are 29% less likely to need antibiotics and 44% less likely to get an ear infection. If you’re not rushing out to get a cockapoo reading this, then we don’t know.

8. Cockapoos protect kids

Cockapoos are natural protectors and will put themselves in harm’s way to keep the ones they love safe. Remember the old classic “Lassie”, where a collie saves his owner by alerting everyone with a bark? Or “Old Yeller”, the movie where the cross-breed takes on a wolf to save his adopted family?

Cockapoos have made headlines too in real life, like Teddy, who rescued a little boy called Riley ( from inside a tumble dryer.

9. Dogs are the best teachers of compassion and empathy

Growing up to be a decent human being that’s liked and respected means learning how to feel compassion and empathy toward others, and while parents or adults can lead by example, kids learn a lot more from their pets.

Studies around the world show the effect animals have on children:

  •   In Poland, children between the ages of four and eight with dogs scored higher in self-reliance and pro-social behaviour
  •   A study was done in Germany and found that kids between the ages of six and 17 with autism, bulimia, anorexia and anxiety disorders showed an improvement with the help of a therapy dog.

The bond between cockapoos with kids is unbreakable; when one is sad or hurt, the other jumps in to help. This is the same foundation compassion and empathy are based. Cockapoo and children go well together.

10. Cockapoos and kids provide endless photo opportunities

Let’s face it, posting a pic of your kid is cute, as is posting a pic of your cockapoo. Post a cockapoo and children posing together, and you have a viral photo. You could even create your own YouTube channel with all the funny and cute moments they share.

Being a responsible pet owner means taking care of your pooch for as long as they’re in your life. They’re not seasonal, and they don’t thrive alone. If you’ve grown up with a cockapoo, you’ll know its impact on your life, and chances are you want your kid to experience the same. However, as convincing as our reasons are to get a cockapoo, remember it’s a big decision that the whole family needs to agree on.

Final Thoughts on Are Cockapoos Good With Children

We hope this article has helped you answer “Are Cockapoos Good With Kids?”. We believe they are as long as your children are taught boundaries and all the family put in the time and effort required.

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