Do Cockapoos Have Dander?

Before we can answer that, we need to clarify what dander is.

Dander isn’t a comparative word for a ‘dandy man’, which referred to a man who placed considerable importance on his appearance, his refined language and the hobbies he enjoyed. Don’t think for one minute we’re not saying your cockapoo isn’t as ‘dander’ as the next dapper canine on the block, of course he is, but in this case we’re referring to the tiny cells of dead skin shed by animals, furred or feathered.

Contrary to popular belief we’re not allergic to the fur of animals, but to the dander, and all animals have it, to a larger or lesser degree. Even cockapoos. Although they have the reputation for being hypoallergenic, and the best pets for people with allergies, this sadly isn’t the case.


Even low-shedding pets have dander and cockapoos are low-shedding, not no-shedding. There are some crossbreeds that have a lower dander count and our favourite mutt on the block are a mix of non-shedding and low-shedding breeds. What this means is a non-shedding pup with a lower dander count.

Dander Control

We’ve established there’s no such thing as a danderless dog, but you can control the amount that is shed. Keeping your pooch washed and groomed is one way, and ensuring he gets the best possible nutrition is another. You too can control the way you react to dander, by making sure your immune system is at its best. Over time you can also become less affected by the dander. If you’re a dog-loving family, you can introduce children to pets with lower dander counts when they’re still small. It’s like an inoculation that’ll help as they get older.

So there you have it. A danderless dog is like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, non-existent. But a cockapoo is as good as both.


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