10 Weird Things All Cockapoo Owners Secretly Do

Yes, yes, we know you’re not going to admit it here or anywhere else, but there are weird things all cockapoo owners do.

We’ve put a list together of the weirdest things we know other people do because there’s no way we would do any of them. At all. Ever.

10 Things All Owners Secretly Do

  1. Refer to yourself and other family members as ‘mummy’, ‘daddy’, ‘big sister’ or ‘baby brother’ when you’re talking to your cockapoo.

  1. Apologise to them if you accidentally bump into them. You also bless them when they sneeze.
  1. Give them a little farewell speech when you leave the house in the morning, which goes along the lines of: “Be good today, you hear? Try your best not to make too much mess and don’t take food out of the bin. Love you, miss you!” As you walk away you turn and say, “miss you more than you miss me”, and mean it.
  1. Take a lot of photos of your cockapoo. Around 98% of the pictures on your phone are of your pooch, and the other 2% are selfies of you…and your dog. You also know which Instagram filters bring out your pet’s best features.
  1. You belong to groups like “Mums and Pups”, “Cockapoos in the Park”, or “Bark and Ride”, so you can meet like-minded people, and your dog can make new friends too.
  1. Those new friends get invited to your dog’s birthday ‘pawty’ with ‘pupcakes’ and doggy bags.
  1. Call your dog by every cutesy-wutesy name instead of their own.
  1. Wonder what you’d look like with matching hairdos
  1. Cover their eyes when something scary or unpleasant comes up on the TV. Because holding their paw isn’t enough comfort.
  1. Check if your cockapoo gets jealous when you talk to other dogs. Because you most definitely get jealous when he snuggles up with someone else on the couch.

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