9 Signs Your Cockapoo Loves You More Than Anyone Else

He loves me, he loves me not. He loves me, he loves me not. You can find out if a human likes you by picking the petals from a flower or by simply asking. Your cockapoo, on the other hand, isn’t going to show affection the same way. Unless you’re Dr. Doolittle there’s no way of knowing just how much your best friend loves you. Or is there? These 9 signs will tell you if puppy love is in the air.

1. He yawns when you do

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Everybody knows yawning is contagious. The reason for this is it’s actually a human’s way of showing empathy, and apparently for dogs too. While it’s hard to tell if dogs experience actual empathy, Scientists suggest that it’s possible for your canine companion to be showing their sympathy by yawning when the person they love yawns.

2. It’s in the facial expressions

We all know a wagging tail tells a, well a tale, but often a dog’s eyebrows say a lot more. One subtle way your cockapoo is saying ‘I love you’ is by raising one eyebrow, usually his left one and moving his left ear back a bit. Your eyes might be the window to your soul but your dog’s eyebrows let you know just how loved you are.

3. He looks you straight in the eye

Humans make eye contact to show we’re paying attention. For dogs, eye contact is a sign of aggression but when a dog stares it its favourite person it’s usually because there’s lots of love. Next time your cockapoo is looking into your eyes check to see if it’s a comfortable gaze and if there’s little to no white showing, it means Spot is besotted with you.

4. He loves snuggle time with you

There might not be any scientific evidence that equates snuggling with love but it certainly feels like it. If your dog snuggles up with you on the bed or sofa it’s a good sign. Other signs include him sleeping with his head on your lap or on your feet or him just needing to be close to you.

5. He’s calm when you leave

If your dog is calm to the point of almost snubbing you when you leave home it’s a good sign. He trusts you and knows you’ll be back soon enough.

6. Goes berserk when you get home

No one on this planet will greet you with the same enthusiasm as your dog and anyone who co-habits with a pooch will tell you there’s no better feeling. Regardless of how long you’ve been gone you’ll get the same tail-wagging-dancing-jumping greeting.

7. Lean on me

If your dog leans on you it’s a sure sign he loves you. Leaning against you makes your dog feel secure and it’s another sign he trusts you.

8. Post-dining cuddles

Food plays a big role in a dog’s life and when he’s finished eating he turns to his next favourite thing. You. When his tummy is full, all your cockapoo will want to do is snuggle with his human.

9. Tries to bath with you

A sure sign your dog has feelings for you is when he tries to get into the bath with you. His need to be close to you is that great, nothing, not even bath water and soap suds will keep him away. Of course, this might just be my cockapoo.

3 thoughts on “9 Signs Your Cockapoo Loves You More Than Anyone Else”

  1. My cockapoo is a girl. She is 5 1/2 yrs old. She has always been the most sociable, loving and well mannered ever. The whole town thinks she is the happiest dog they have ever seen. She has always hated barking when other dogs do this she walks away. However she has just started barking incessantly at other dogs when they approach. Why now?

    • Most dogs that bark and lunge at other dogs are really stressed out by other dogs. They might be scared, aggressive, or overly excited. Seeing another dog without being able to escape, attack, or go say hi is generally “upsetting,” so the dog barks and lunges. … Your dog is trying to get the other dog to go away.


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