Cockapoo Temperament Problems?

There are plenty of reasons why people give up their dogs. Naturally, these range from ridiculous excuses about him not matching the colour of sofa to heart-rending stories about cockapoo temperament problems getting him to settle in.

Yet, in an ideal world you would be completely certain that a dog is right for you from the very start. After all, no-one wants to go through the grief, the hassle and the stress of giving up a dog because they didn’t look into everything fully at the start.

If you are currently thinking about getting a new dog then you may be worried about whether any Cockapoo behaviour problems will make settling in to family life a hassle. Well, this is one of the friendliest and happiest types of pooch around but it is still important that you understand everything that you need to know about their behaviour and temperaments.

Each Dog Is Different

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The very first point to bear in mind is that dogs are like people in that they each have a unique personality and temperament. As with humans, a lot of this comes down to how their life has been to date and how they have been looked after.

If he has been treated badly and abandoned then there is a greater risk of a Cockapoo puppies temperament being affected. He may be shy, have toilet training problems or even be grumpy and short-tempered if he has never had a loving home before now.

On the other hand, a Cockapoo puppy who has enjoyed a peaceful start to his life is likely to be more relaxed and happy. Therefore, it is a good idea to find out what his life has been like up until now. Has he lived in a suitable setting with a professional breeder or has he been forced to live through difficult times?

Entering into a loving family can help a troubled dog to find happier times but it can be hard work dealing with cockapoo temperament problems caused by an unhappy past. You need to seriously consider whether you are prepared to do the necessary work to help him out.

The Overall Cockapoo Behaviour

The good news is the cockapoo temperament is generally regarded as being among the happiest and friendliest pooches around. They are terrific around children and can add a lot of fun and joy to any family home.

Cockapoos are outgoing and always ready to play whenever the opportunity arises. Because this type of dog is a combination of Cocker Spaniel and Poodle, they also tend to be intelligent and pretty easy to train.

All in all, these are loving and friendly dogs that are likely to very quickly become an important part of the family. This is the sort of outgoing dog that will go over to other pooches and get them to play or will make sure that a child always has a friend to play with.

They are also well-known for retaining a puppy-like attitude as they get older, unlike some other dogs that very quickly get grumpy or lazy as the years pass. This is why it is so great to see a Cockapoo grow up with kids and give them a huge amount of love and companionship over the years.

Some people will tell you that these dogs are a bit clingy and needy. They certainly love to have human company around them but in terms of the Cockapoo temperament, UK owners tend to find that this isn’t as much of a problem as it is perhaps made out to be.

Many families also report that their Cockapoos are amazingly empathetic companions who cheer them up when they are feeling down. Certainly, this dog seems to be very good at sensing when someone in his family might be in need of cheering up or when he might just add a bit of extra fun to the family home.

Cockapoo Temperament Problems

Perhaps the biggest problem that people find with this type of dog is that they can get bored easily. This is especially true when they are left home alone and start to feel lonely as well as bored. In this sort of situation, he may become destructive. It isn’t unknown for a family to come home and find that a bored Cockapoo has caused problems by ripping up things or messing up their house.

In the same way, he may cause problems if he doesn’t get out for enough exercise on a regular based. Keeping an active, inquisitive Cockapoo coped in a small house or apartment for days on end is likely to cause him to get stressed and anxious.

If the whole family is out all day long and he doesn’t have any sort of company then this could be a problem. In this sort of situation, you might be better looking for a dog with a lazier, less active attitude who doesn’t mind lounging about alone all day long.

How to Deal with Any Cockapoo Behaviour Problems

In many cases, observing him and thinking about how he lives his life will help to work out why he is acting in a particular way. Does he spend too much time alone or does he not get enough exercise to help him burn off his excess energy each day?

Making some simple changes such as taking him out for a walk more often of getting some company for him can turn out to be an easy solution a lot of the time. You may need to speak to an expert if you can’t find the root of the problem or if you think that he has some sort of deep-rooted issue that you aren’t sure how to solve. 

Summary of Cockapoo Temperament

The Cockapoo characteristics are friendly, loving and intelligent are words that best sum up Cockapoos. These dogs are great companions for people of any age to have around.

However, you still need to remember that a Cockapoo puppies temperament could be affected by problems he has had in the past. You should make certain that you find out as much as you can about him and watch him interact with people and other dogs in order to feel more comfortable about how he is going to fit in too your family.

5 thoughts on “Cockapoo Temperament Problems?”

  1. We have a 7 1/2 month cockerpoo who has lots of attention during the day goes for walks ( maybe not for hrs ) but goes running in our garden ( large garden ) and we play with him regularly..but sometimes he can be snappy and I’m a bit frightened he may become aggressive, any advice please as to deal with this situation…thank you

    • Same problem here-our 1yr old cockapoo rehomed to us because he was food/toy aggressive & biting so they worried about future children. He’s much better here but still nippy & will bite mostly when surprised or sleepy but he gets very aggressive when we try to separate or discipline him.

  2. I have a cockapoo that is a year old he will not eat from his bowl the only way that he eats is if I put it on his food mat why is this we have tried smaller bowl I removed the metal bowls and he’s still doing the same thing☹️


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