Best Bones For Cockapoos

Every Cockapoo owner knows their dog loves to chew on bones; however, you might also have heard that bones can be dangerous for dogs for various reasons.

As usual, with all good-intentioned information, there’s so much that contradicts itself. But from the Cockapoo owner’s perspective, it’s crucial to sort out what is and isn’t the best information.

In this article, we offer some helpful information about the best bones for Cockapoos.

Never Feed Cooked Bones To Your Cockapoo (Or Any Dog)

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Dogs should not ingest cooked bones, even if they originate from table scraps. They’re prone to fracturing and splintering.

Dogs cannot digest cooked bones. The chance of them splintering and puncturing internal organs like the stomach and intestines is higher because of this. Getting out of the other end might be a real pain for the dog if the bones happen to make it all the way through.

There are other reasons not to feed your dog cooked bones, such as:

  • Constipation
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Gastrointestinal blockages
  • Peritonitis
  • Mouth and tongue injury
  • Broken teeth
  • Esophageal injury

What Other Bones Shouldn’t You Feed Your Cockapoo

You should avoid frozen bones because they become exceptionally hard and will easily crack or break your dog’s teeth.

Numerous rawhide chews have had to be recalled over the last few years after coming into contact with chemical substances during the manufacturing process, causing illness in dogs. This is one reason why we don’t recommend them.

What Bones Can I Give My Cockapoo?

Even uncooked bones can be dangerous, but there should be few issues as long as you are cautious about how you give them to your dog. 

For safety reasons, it’s an excellent recommendation to provide a bone that is at least the size of your Cockapoo’s head. That way, the dog will not be able to swallow and choke on the bone.

It’s also a good idea to take the bone away once your dog has had a good chew on the bone. Don’t leave the bone with the dog.

Leg bones, for example, are ideal for dogs since they are circular and have bulges or lumps at the ends where the dog can get a good purchase on the bone. 

Dogs can easily crack open other bones when they bite down and are more likely to result in issues.

I don’t use chicken necks or wings; not only do they carry salmonella and E. coli, but they’re also too soft to be of any use anyway. 

I can’t stress enough why you should always supervise your dog when you give them bones. 

Dogs may get diarrhea or throw up when you first introduce them to bones, so they are probably having some allergic reaction, and you might be well-advised to avoid bones in this case.

Best Dog Bone Treats For Your Cockapoo

British Beef Roast Knuckle Bone 

These excellent grain and gluten-free, 100% natural treats are produced in the Uk. You’ll find these treats are naturally dried with absolutely no additives – no need to be at all concerned feeding these to your Cockapoo. The only ingredient that goes into these TailWagger treats is natural beef; no additives or preservatives.

The bone knuckles are slowly roasted to maintain the meaty flavour and goodness, full of beef bits, marrow, and trimmings. Your Cockapoo will be standing in a pool of drool by the time they get its teeth into one of these bones.

Another advantage to these treats is they are totally grain and gluten-free. If your Cockapoo has a sensitive tummy or suffers from allergies, let them try one of these TailWaggers knucklebones, you’ll be amazed.

This treat is excellent for dogs that are bored easily and need to chew on something to keep occupied; better this than your socks and slippers.

TailWaggers British Beef Knuckle Bone Product Details

  • 100% British Beef
  • Made in the UK
  • No Additives or preservatives
  • Grain and gluten-free
  • 100% natural
  • Slow-roasted to lock in the taste and aroma

TailWagger Meat Filled Bones

TailWagger makes these meat-filled bones only with strong British bone; they are not imported from abroad, so you have no fear of the bones splintering or cracking to injure your Cockapoo’s teeth or gums. Your dog can safely swallow these bones without fear of injury to its intestinal tract.

The bones will help with dental hygiene, keeping your dog’s teeth clear of tartar and plaque with a chewing and gnawing action.

Once your dog chews down the bone enough, they can access the lovely tasty filling inside the bone. These bones keep even the most demanding dogs happy for hours.

The filling consists of meat and animal derivatives plus cereals and tallow; the bone is British beef marrow bone. The bones go through a natural drying process, and there are zero additives or preservatives.

TailWaggers Meat-Filled Bones Product Details

  • 100% Natural Product
  • Air-dried and no preservatives or additives
  • 100% British Beef Bone
  • Long-lasting, tasty filling
  • UK product
  • One pack contains fifteen bones
  • Grain and gluten-free

Purplebone Venison Shank Bone Dog Treats

Purplebone dog bone treats are perfect for small and medium-sized dog breeds-ideal for your Cockapoo. The treats make an excellent alternative to unhealthy rawhide chews.

Puppies, small, medium breeds, and even aggressive chewers can all enjoy these venison shank dog bone treats.

These extra tasty treats are rich in protein, oil, fat, and fibre, helping maintain your Cockapoo’s balanced diet. Give one of these chewy treats and relieve your dog of boredom and at the same time keep their teeth healthy and plaque-free.

The venison is sourced from healthy Scottish deer; they’re natural, ethical, and locally sourced. The deer live a healthy life living off the land, and they are not fed hormones or any additives.

Each dried mini shank weighs around 60 to 100g each. The bones are 100% natural with high protein content and contain zero artificial preservatives.

Purplebone Venison Shank Product Details

  • 100% natural
  • Zero grains or gluten
  • Locally sourced Scottish deer
  • Free of Hormones, additives, and antibiotics
  • Digestible treats
  • Contain balanced amounts of protein, fats, fibre, and oil
  • Each shank weighs between 60 to 100g


It’s advisable to carefully research before giving your Cockapoo bones. I feel confident this article will help you make informed decisions about what bones are best for Cockapoos.