Why Do Cockapoos Like Socks?

Do you have a dastardly sock thief in your house? If so, you’ll probably find it’s your Cockapoo, that’s unless you already know who the thief is and caught them red pawed. Your Cockapoo probably thinks they are so smart sneaking off with your socks and they give you those puppy dog eyes.

My dog Luna loves to come into our bedroom, and I watch her looking around, and I know she’s scoping out the room for a stray sock or two. My wife and I have such a laugh when she finds one and tries to sneak out of the bedroom with it hidden in her mouth looking like a very happy dog.

Why do Cockapoos like socks so much anyway? Scientists have studied this phenomenon for decades and yet still haven’t managed to come up with any explanations for what makes your Cockapoo turn to this life of crime?

So we took it on ourselves to try and get to the bottom of the sock drawer and come up with some potential reasons why Cockapoos love socks.

The Cockapoo Cocker Spaniel Heritage

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Let’s not forget that the lovely Cockapoo is half Cocker Spaniel, and they have a long history as retrievers.

Many spaniels and retrievers have  a “soft mouth.” This indicates that these dogs have highly sensitive bite inhibition, allowing them to grasp and hold fragile things without hurting them, which is a vital talent for retrieving game birds.

As long as they have something in their mouths, retrieving dog breeds are content. Objects such as balls, and yes, even your socks. 

Cockapoos may associate a ball with playtime outside, and so if you don’t allow them to play with one in the house, your socks may be a suitable substitute that is within reach and the perfect size to fit in their mouth.


Perhaps you’ve noticed other things going missing as well as your socks. Sometimes Cockapoos have a Magpie mentality and simply love to hoard objects. You might find several items in your dog’s bed or another favourite location in the house where your dog takes things and hides them.

Not Enough Dog Toys

Sock-chewing is one example of an activity that occurs when dogs are bored. Because of their soft and squishy nature, Cockapoos love to chew on socks. During their teething phase, puppies, in particular, enjoy gnawing on socks! This might also explain how they managed to get their love of socks in the first place.

All dogs require a variety of toys and distractions to keep them occupied and amused and provide security when they are left alone. Suppose your Cockapoo doesn’t have several available toys or can’t get to their toys. In that case, they may look for alternatives in the form of smaller, more fascinating, and more readily accessible items.

The Smell And Texture Of Your Socks

Why do cockapoos love socks? They love the smell! Some humans have smellier feet than others; that’s an uncomfortable fact for most of us to accept; nevertheless, it’s true. Now, this might put off our better half, and in my case, it undoubtedly does, but not my Cockapoo. She loves the way my socks smell; it makes me so proud.

If anything we wear carries our unique scent more than socks and shoes, I’d love to know what. All dogs have a fantastic sense of smell, and it makes sense they love the scent because it must mean they can get close to us.

Dogs generally love stinky stuff; sometimes, the smellier, the better. We’ve all undoubtedly looked on in horror as our dogs happily roll in something foul-smelling or, worse, something that’s been dead for a while.

Familiar Smells Are Comforting

It is common for dogs to use a pair of socks and shoes as a kind of security blanket. The item smells like their favourite people and provides reassurance and comfort when alone or cannot get your attention because they are so familiar.

It’s your Cockapoo’s way of saying they love you more than anything else in the world by stealing your socks.

Your Cockapoo Habit

For unknown reasons, your Cockapoo might become addicted to holding or chewing sock balls or the odd sock or two that happens to be in their vicinity. This could signify obsessive behaviour that a dog becomes addicted to after a while.

If this behaviour is a concern, keeping socks and shoes out of your Cockapoo’s reach is best. If you want to prevent your dog from picking up socks, it’s a good idea to ensure they have an alternative!

Your Cockapoo Wants Attention

It’s possible that if your Cockapoo steals your socks almost daily, you’ve unwittingly developed the habit of searching for your dog to get your socks back or calling them to you to return what they’ve stolen!

Dogs learn that you’ll respond when they steal your belongings, so they’ll quickly learn that picking up your socks will get your attention, and you’ll respond. This reinforces the behaviour and serves as a reward for the dog.

How To Correct Your Cockapoo Sock Behavior

Sock stealing can be a fun game for your Cockapoo, but there is a downside to allowing them to steal socks constantly. The last thing you want is your Cockapoo swallowing sock pieces and possibly choking or causing an intestinal blockage. It can happen, probably rarely, but the risk is there.

Cockapoos Need Adequate Physical and Mental Activity

Cockapoo owners know that their dogs love exercise, but sometimes life gets in the way of providing enough quality exercise. However, adequate exercise is essential to prevent boredom. It’s a bit of a cliche but still valid; a tired dog is good.

Swap Out Your Socks For Better Alternatives

Try a range of dog toys—for example, different sizes and materials. You can offer hard, chewy toys, softer squishy materials, etc. Puzzle toys that come with treats can be great for some dogs. If you provide a wide range of textures, your Cockapoo will undoubtedly become more interested in those than your belongings.

Remove The Problem

The ideal solution to sock chewing is to remove the offending socks. Try not to leave them lying around the house or bedroom. I know I’m guilty of this, but in all honesty, I don’t mind Luna picking up my socks. Of course, I take them off her, but I just see it as a game she likes to play.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, why do cockapoos love socks? There are several reasons, such as playing, boredom, and teething, and the scent getting them closer to you. If you’re like me and enjoy the game with your Cockapoo, ensure you don’t let your dog chew and possibly swallow pieces of socks. On the other hand, you should curb the behaviour if you aren’t happy with sock stealing Cockapoos.