When Should A Cockapoo Have It’s First Haircut?

Whether you are about to welcome a cockapoo into your family or are planning on investing in one of these beautiful and friendly creatures, there is a lot you need to know. One of the big questions many people ask is when a cockapoo should have its first cockapoo haircut. At CockapooHQ, we felt this was important enough a question that it deserved its post.

Generally speaking, thanks to the texture, style and consistency of cockapoo coats, their fur does not need too much work. That doesn’t mean they don’t need any trimming or grooming because they do. So, when should a cockapoo first groom happen?

Cockapoo Puppy Grooming

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When it’s a puppy, a cockapoo’s coat requires simple maintenance, regardless of which type of coat variation they have. A straightforward but thorough brushing session requires only cockapoo grooming for the first six months. This only needs to last about 10 minutes and should be done between four to five times weekly.

There is no need even to contemplate cutting their hair just yet.

An example of a young Cockapoo

When Their Adult Coat Starts to Grow Through

Normally any time after a cockapoo reaches eight months of age, its coat will start to change as the new, adult fur comes through. Very quickly, you will notice a change from their once relatively easy coat transforming intone that is moulting. To be clear, all dogs moult, but not all breeds of dogs, like Poodles, for instance, shed.

As you are probably aware, one of the reasons why cockapoos are so popular is because they do not aggravate allergies as much as other dogs. For that reason, they are a very good breed to own if you are prone to allergies. However, one downside to this characteristic is that they need more consistent and regular cockapoo grooming.

So, in answer to the question set in the title and the outset of this post, when should a cockapoo first groom happen? Unless otherwise informed by a vet or the breeder, we suggest you only consider having its fur trimmed once the adult coat comes through around the eight months mark. You do not want to be cutting puppy hair too soon cockapoo.

We would also suggest you consider the time, temperature and weather. If your dog reaches the age of 8 months during the winter, it might be better to hold getting its fur trimmed unless it needs it because of matting. You will want to ensure your cockapoo haircut has as much protection from the elements as you need to take them out for exercise.

If your dog reaches eight months during summer or spring, it shouldn’t be too difficult to trim its hair.

What you do after that first initial cut is up to you. As long as the dog is healthy and regularly groomed, it is more about personal preference and how often you have your dog’s fur clipped and cut.


How often do cockapoos need haircuts?

A cockapoo should be groomed about every eight weeks. However, as discussed above, all cockapoo coats are slightly different as they are a mixed breed. We get Luna professionally groomed every six months, do all the trims, and keep her knot free in between that. However, her coat is much more spaniel and not quite curly as some cockapoos. Her cockapoo first haircut was when she was about seven months old, as her hair did grow quite slowly.

How long does it take to groom a cockapoo?

If you are grooming the cockapoo yourself, you should spend at least an hour to ensure that you cover everything. You want to keep your dog calm, so try not to rush and get them stressed. Think of it as if someone was cutting your hair. You would want them to take their time and make you feel calm. The same goes when cockapoo grooming.