Are Cockapoo’s Suitable For Older People?

I get a lot of comments on this site and messages in my inbox asking me if Cockapoos are suitable for older people.

Usually, the people that are sending me the messages are people over 60 who are messaging to me explaining how much they love Cockapoos but asking if they think they will be too much hard work for them.

Sometimes I am not sure what to say, as sometimes I think no, they are not suitable, but other times I change my mind and think they would be fine.

I think the time I think no is when I look back at how much hard work Luna was when she was a puppy. I was a new dog owner and people had warned me how hard it was. Now that she’s 4 years old, shes pretty chilled out and I think “Yeah, she would be fine with older owners and she doesn’t need as much attention or walks that are quite as long”.

So, are they suitable?

So after thinking about the above, I think a slightly older Cockapoo, maybe a rescue dog would be suitable for an older couple. That being said, just because someone is 60 years old doesn’t mean that they don’t get out for a walk each day. If you a retired couple reading this then there’s a good chance you have more time on your hands to dedicate to the attention that a needy Cockapoo requires.


A Cockapoo is an active dog and even an older one will need to be walked on a daily basis. This could be a positive for someone a bit older as it gets you and the dog out each day.

Dog Walker

You could always hire a local dog walker a few times a week to help out. They usually cost between £10 and £15 an hour. Sometimes they are on group walks as well which means they can play with some other dog friends.

Dog Day Care

If there are days when you need a break from your dog and fancy an easier day then you could always look and see if there’s a local dog daycare centre near you. We use one for Luna once or twice a week. It’s good if we are out all day, and great in the evening as Luna usually just falls asleep. This could be handy on days if you don’t feel quite up for a walk.

Where To Get An Older Cockapoo

There are a lot of Cockapoo rescue groups out there and I have put together a list over on our rescue page

Alternatives To A Cockapoo?

If you are still uncertain as to whether a Cockapoo is right for you then there a few alternatives that that you might want to look at such as the Cavapoo or Cavachon.