Reasons why rescuing a cockapoo is better than buying one

Cockapoos are probably the most popular crossbreed in the UK at the moment. Before I got Luna I had never had a dog and I feel terrible that I overlooked getting a rescue dog and instead went with a puppy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Luna to bits, but the next dog I get will be a rescue. I don’t think I was ever a dog person before we got Luna, but now I’ve totally changed and I prefer dogs over people.

There are thousands of dogs waiting for homes in the UK. I think you will find it hard to find cockapoos in rescue centres, but if look hard enough there are some to be found.

Reasons why rescuing a cockapoo is better than buying a puppy.

No puppy stage

I always remember when I had a meeting at a clients house. She had 3 rescue dogs and I told her I was getting a puppy. “I could never do the puppy stage again” is what she said. I had no idea what she meant and just laughed. It was only after having Luna for a few weeks that something clicked and I remembered what she said. It hit home, she was right, it was really hard work and I think I gained a lot of grey hairs during the first few months.

Would I change it though? No. My wife said we will look back on her being a crazy pup at some point in our lives and wish we had it again. I can see what she meant as watching a young pup going crazy can be funny.

Some parts of the puppy stage that frustrated me the most was the crying through the night. If she wasn’t right by our side she would cry for hours on end. A lack of sleep really did make me grumpy.

Your pup also won’t know where to go to the toilet until you teach them, so be prepared for them to have lots of accidents (it’s not their fault) but it will take some patience and dedication before it clicks for them.

When you rescue a dog you could choose to pick a dog that’s just out of the puppy stage. Not all rescue dogs are going to be old and it will save you the hard work of the most challenging times. They will likely be toilet trained and would have calmed down a bit.

A lot of the rescue centres will also take the dogs out daily and teach them the basics such as walking on a lead and other basic commands. This will save you some work.

You will save money

Cockapoos are very expensive to buy. I have seen prices online of £3,000.

Rescuing a cockapoo will save you a lot of money. Most shelters and rescue centres only require a small fee when you adopt a dog.

A dog coming from a rescue centre will also have had its vaccinations which will save you money.

All you will need to do is update their microchip and stay up to date with any vaccination they might need in the future. 

Giving a cockapoo a second chance

For me, this is the most important one. You are giving a dog a second chance at a loving home. 

We all know that dogs help people who are suffering from stress and problems in their lives, and by rescuing a dog you will be helping them with their issues.

Most dogs that are in rescue centres are there through no fault of their own. It’s probably just that their old owners were not prepared for a dog and then anything the dog did that was slightly wrong they had no patience for. It’s probably not because the dog was out of control or had any issues.

So if you can, rescue a cockapoo and give them a great life.