Cockapoo vs. Cavapoo: Making the Right Choice

Many people looking to buy a puppy are torn between choosing a Cockapoo vs Cavapoo. These are both beautiful dogs, but which one is right for you?

Cockapoos (or cockerpoos, as they are sometimes known) result from crossbreeding between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. Cavapoos, on the other hand, are a mixture between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. The Cockapoo is slightly bigger, with the cavoodle being a smaller dog. Both are low shedding (thanks to the poodle gene) and friendly dogs.

As you can imagine, this leads to both types of dogs looking simply gorgeous. However, you will want to base your buying decision on more than just their good looks.

At this point, it is worth pointing out that neither the Cockapoo nor the Cavapoo is considered a pure breed dog. Therefore, as they are a crossbreed between a poodle and a cocker spaniel or cavalier king Charles spaniel, predicting their coat colour, personality and intelligence can be extremely difficult.

However, you can consider some general guidelines when deciding which of these crossbreed or designer dogs to go for, so let’s look at the difference between the Cockapoo or Cavapoo debate in more detail.

An example of a young Cavapoo
An example of a young Cockapoo

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Cavapoo vs Cockapoo Size?

If you see the size of your new dog as important, then you will see that Cockapoos are generally a little bit bigger than the Cavapoo. This is due to the mixture of breeds they come from, although both types can vary in size.

Ideally, you will see any puppy you are interested in with both parents. This will allow you to see how big he is likely to grow.

The Cavapoo is a small dog breed of around 12 inches in height, while the Cockapoo is typically a bit bigger. However, it is not unusual to see Cavapoos that are bigger than Cockapoos, so this factor isn’t likely to be among your biggest concerns when choosing a puppy.

The size will be an important factor to consider if you are interested in breeds that are good family dogs.

Cockapoo vs cavapoo full grown – it is likely the cockapoo will be bigger than a cavapoo.

Which is easier to train in the Cockapoo vs Cavapoo debate?

Generally speaking, the Cavapoo is usually a bit easier to train. First-time dog owners or those who lack confidence in their training ability may find this type of puppy easier to teach the basics to.
That isn’t to say that Cockapoos are particularly difficult to train. Yet, they are a bit trickier and you may need a larger degree of patience while they get to grips with what you are showing them.

One of the problems with a cocker spaniel and poodle crossbreed and a cavalier King Charles spaniel poodle crossbreed is that at a very young age when they need the most training, they both tend to have a very low attention span. So, training will always take a considerable amount of perseverance and patience on your part as an owner.

Cockapoo Growth and Lifespan

Either way, it is also a good idea to consider attending obedience school or dog training classes to get him up to speed. This might cost a bit of money and take up some time, but everyone in your home will feel the benefits for years to come.

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Usefulness as Home Security

As well as providing you with company and a lot of joy, the right breed of dog can provide a great deal of peace of mind by acting as a watchdog. You can sleep more easily at night or go out without any worries if you have a dog that you know is looking after the property.

While neither of these dogs is likely to terrify an intruder with their looks, the Cockapoo is especially useful in raising the alarm if anyone strange comes into your home. He is likelier to bark loudly at intruders (or visitors) than a Cavapoo.

Maintenance Issues

Looking after your dog should be a pleasure, but what if you don’t have much time for grooming and caring for them? The good news is that neither of their breeds is particularly troublesome or time-consuming in terms of maintenance. One of the huge benefits of both is that they are low shedding. You will often see adverts for breeders of cockapoos and cavapoos claiming that they are hypoallergenic. This is not the case, as no dog can be completely hypoallergenic.

Some are less likely to cause problems for allergy sufferers than others; fortunately, both these designer dogs are crossbreeds that fit that bill.

This doesn’t mean that they are completely maintenance-free, though. Indeed, both types of dogs could be classed as medium or low maintenance.

This means that they will need time and money spent on their health and looks, so neither is perfect if you want a dog that doesn’t require any effort on your behalf.

A fully grown cavapoo with a very poodle-like coat.

Exercise Needs of A Cockapoo vs Cavapoo

Do you want a dog with which you can enjoy an active, outdoor life, or do you prefer a companion to stay home with? The Cockapoo is the best choice if you want to get out and about.

This dog needs more exercise than the Cavapoo, and he loves nothing more than running about in the park or playing with a ball in the garden. If you don’t have much time or energy, you might lean towards getting a more laid-back Cavapoo.

They are also wonderful companions around the house when you just want company and a good friend who won’t ever let you down.

Cavapoo Vs Cockapoo: The Common Health Issues

One of the reasons both these crossbreeds exist is that they come from one parent, a poodle, and poodles are considered incredibly healthy dogs. Therefore, the main health issues and concerns related to cockapoos and cavapoos come from the cocker and cavalier King Charles spaniel side of their parentage. Both of these commonly suffer from health problems you must learn about before investing in either of these poodle crosses.

For example, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is known to suffer commonly from heart mitral valve disease, otherwise known as MVD. This disease can be fatal and has claimed many lives in the past. As it is mostly contracted from their parents, the best way to minimise the risk of taking on a cavapoo with mitral valve disease is by ensuring you get your new puppy from a good breeder who is fully aware of the medical history of their dogs.

Another rare but severe condition to be aware of is syringomyelia, which involves the formation of cavities filled with fluid inside the spinal cord close to where it meets the brain. You may have heard of it being referred to as neck scratcher’s disease, as one of the biggest tell-tale signs of a dog suffering from it is when they start scratching constantly around the air near their neck.

As a cocker spaniel and poodle mix, the cockapoo has some health problems it inherits, such as hip dysplasia. This is an abnormality of the hip socket, and although it can range from very mild to extremely severe, when it is bad, it can cause terrible arthritis of their joints and crippling lameness.

Other common issues include eye problems such as progressive retinal atrophy or PRA for short, some diseases dogs are genetically predisposed to suffer from. It is very similar to the retinitis pigmentosa that humans can suffer from. It involves the gradual bilateral degeneration of the dog’s retina, which causes their vision to deteriorate over time and eventually leads to blindness.

How They React to Kids

The good news is that both Cockapoos and Cavapoos are excellent with kids and great as family pets. They can grow up with your children and become tremendous friends and companions.

As we saw in the last point, Cockapoos are more energetic, so some families with highly active kids might consider this a point in their favour. However, you can choose either breed with confidence if you have young children in the house.

A cockapoo with a young child

How They Adapt to Different Environments

Each dog is different and will respond differently to changes in its life. However, we can say that most dog experts regard Cockapoos as more adaptable than Cavapoos.

One of those cute little Cockapoos could be ideal for you if you are likely moving home or introducing some changes to their routine now and then. On the other hand, the Cavapoo tends to prefer a settled life with little variation.

In either case, no matter what type of dog you choose, you should always look to give them the comfort and security of a home routine they can depend upon.

Summary of A Cockapoo vs Cavapoo

We hope we have helped you decide the difference between cavapoo and cockapoo when picking your dog. When deciding which one is better, in the cavapoo vs cockapoo debate, there are some powerful reasons for choosing either one of these gorgeous dog breeds. By putting some thought into it, you can pick the perfect companion for your lifestyle, whether it’s as a companion for you as a singleton or a couple or as a family pet.

Don’t forget to consider the dog’s needs and wants as well as your own. This way, you can get a dog who loves life in your home as much as you love having him there. Separation anxiety is something you should always consider, as well as the other health issues noted above. We are not trying to dissuade you from taking on a cockapoo or cavapoo, you just need to factor everything into your decision.

It is also important to ensure you get the cavapoo or cockapoo you are interested in from a reputable breeder and that you visit cavapoo puppies or cockapoo puppies before deciding whether to take one on or not. If they value their reputation and are interested in helping individuals to find the best dog for them, they will not have a problem doing this as good breeders.

5 thoughts on “Cockapoo vs. Cavapoo: Making the Right Choice”

  1. This was very helpful, but still love both the breeds. I would love a labrador really but our garden is average size . My husband and I are at work five days a week and I do go out a lot with hobby’s,One of us is usually in. We do have an active social life. I deffinately would go to a training school as its great for dogs to meet others and have a social life too.

    My boss and collegue says that if I have a smaller dog I can bring it into work like my collegue does with her dog. which is about the size of a cavapoo.

    This make’s me think that a Cockapoo would be better, with our lifestyle. What do you think. my husband would prefare for me to wait until I retire 67. but I would love a dog in the next few years, we have no children and I have had dogs in my life since I was 5years old up to 35yrs.
    Also my mother suffers from depression and my father in law has dementia, I have heard that a cockpoo in Lincolnshire has been trained as a care dog and has been successful.

    Thank you, still undecided.

  2. I raised 2 Bichons who both passed over 16 yrs of age but our
    Age and circumstances changed so I thought we would not need to have any future dogs. We are both in our 70’s but my daughter bless her heart thought I needed to get out of chair and more activity so she showed up at my house with a
    Cockapoo puppy and I was not so happy at first but he was good for my motivation, walking him , playing ball, teaching tricks, very smart. However , he is or becomes
    Pscho Barker whenever seeing a neighbor walking a dog or just walking themselves . Its like he is oblivious to control and we live in a new retirement neighborhood and
    Everyone knows “Buster’s” likely to be out and hurriedly get by our
    house as quickly as possible . How can I address this out of control barking issue.He sounds and acts
    aggressive but he really seeks attention and rejects being ignored.If the person stops to acknowledge him he fawns all over them but their pet is a 50 /50 thing. He can become instant friends or growl and attack.

  3. This was very helpful! I’m very familiar with a cockapoo, but was not at all familiar with a cavapoo. Now I have a lot to think about…thank you!

  4. My 20month old cavapoo (cavoodle) is definitely medium to high energy. He can sprint around the dog park for a hour and still be faster than the rest. He can get by with just a walk (and some zooming about the house) each second day, but I can tell he is waiting to run. That said, he sleeps whenever I do, day or night. He is very social – loves everyone and makes 4legged friends very easily and is very affectionate. I love him to bits!


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