Why Does My Cockapoo Have A Smooth Coat Like A Spaniel?

A Poodle and Cocker Spaniel crossbreed, the Cockapoo is a lively and affectionate dog that is both intelligent and hypoallergenic (at least the next best thing). Because both the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle originated as working dogs, they are known for the ease with which owners can train these adorable dogs. And since they are so affectionate, friendly, and playful, Cockapoos have become an increasingly popular breed.

Cockapoos generally weigh less than 30 pounds based on whether their Poodle parents are Miniature or Toy. This charming crossbreed is small enough to fit in a small home or apartment, yet hardy enough for family outings and enjoyment. Cockerpoos love various activities, including agility and everyday jogging. If you have children or other dogs, you’ll find the Cockapoo has no problem getting along with them all. 

Cockapoo Coat Variations

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Some potential Cockapoo owners are quite often taken aback when they realise that Cockapoos can have three different coat styles. A flat or smooth coat, a fluffy/wavy one with loose waves, and a tightly curled one, sometimes known as a “Poodle Coat,” among other things. 

To a certain extent, this is to be expected, as a Cockapoo is a hybrid breed whose features are influenced by its ancestry and the breed it most closely resembles. When people encounter a smooth-coated Cockapoo for the first time, they may be confused or sometimes even suspicious because they have a mental image of what the breed should look like.

Coat differences can occur within every litter, with some puppies having smooth coats while others have wavy or curly coats. Genetics will determine who the puppies take after, and breeders have no control over how each litter will turn out.

Smooth hair Cockapoos such as those with a silky coat can be pretty fluffy throughout their bodies and have long hair on their ears and a smooth face, but generally lack the Cockapoo beard.  

Many people don’t like smooth hair Cockapoos, and others doubt whether they are Cockapoos because they aren’t aware of the breed’s many variants. Talk to your breeder and wait until the puppies are a few weeks old before picking your puppy because then you’ll ensure you get the coat style that you want. It is impossible to determine at birth whether a Cockapoo puppy will have a smooth, wavy or tightly coiled coat because their coat type changes over the first few weeks.

If you want to give yourself the best chance of selecting a Cockapoo puppy with the coat type you prefer, you can do several things, including:

Check Out The Cockapoo’s Parents

You may be able to learn more about your Cockapoo’s appearance by looking into their lineage. Ask the breeder about the dogs’ parents. Taking a look at a picture of your puppy’s parents will give you an idea of their likely coat type, coat texture, and facial features.

Additionally, the breeder will know how to properly care for the dogs’ parents, which may be helpful to you. You might be able to get a good idea of the Cockapoo type you’re getting if they can show you pictures of puppies from previous litters of the same parents.

If the size is another factor that concerns you, it’s essential to know the Poodle parent’s height. Although it’s unusual, some breeders mate Standard Poodles with Cocker Spaniels. You need to ensure the Poodle parent is a Toy Poodle if you want the smallest Cockapoo.

Cockapoo DNA Test

A DNA test can also help you determine your dog’s appearance. Every animal has DNA, which determines the unique characteristics of each breed. It also symbolises the uniqueness of each dog.

Genes are passed down from one generation to the next, and each animal has two copies of each gene. Your dog may look more like a Poodle or a Cocker Spaniel because the genes do not split evenly.

A DNA test will reveal the percentage breakdown of your dog’s genetic makeup. For instance, you may find out that your Cockapoo is 64% Poodle and 26% Cocker Spaniel. Many kits claim to be 90% to 95% accurate, but you should investigate if the results are reliable.

You can get a sense of their future appearance by learning their genetic make up. The more Cocker Spaniel you have, the more smooth-coated your Cockapoo is likely to turn out. Their genetics also have a role in shaping the body and facial appearance.

Bing Image Search

If you want to know the genetic make up of your Cockapoo, you can use Bing’s visual search feature. You browse for an image on your computer hard drive, and the search engine tells you what kind of dog it is. If the findings indicate that your dog is a Poodle or a Cocker Spaniel, it is more likely that your dog will resemble the given breed.

However, if your Cockapoo is still a young puppy, remember its appearances will alter with time. A Cockapoo can have more characteristics of one or the other parent as a puppy.

I performed the test with my dog Luna. The result came back as an American Cocker Spaniel, which gives the test some credibility because Luna’s coat is undoubtedly closer to a Cocker Spaniel than a Poodle.


Many Cockapoos seem very distinct even though they share similar characteristics, which throws potential owners.

Unfortunately, the Cockapoo is still being re-homed at an alarming rate. In a recent survey, many owners are unaware of the variety of Cockapoos, including their varying sizes, appearances, crosses, and even the parent breeds. 

To get an idea of your pup’s future appearance, look at the coat and traits they have now.

In the first few years of a Cockapoo’s life, you can’t be sure of their adult appearance because they change so much. A DNA test may provide more information, but it does not differentiate between their physical appearance genes. 

You can try to establish what your Cockapoo will look like, but not without some difficulty.