Best Dog Backpack Carriers

Although not everyone is a fan of dog backpack carriers, they do have their place and when used correctly will allow both owner and dog to enjoy the great British countryside for longer hikes or to travel, especially on public transport, together in comfort.

Why use a dog backpack carrier?

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Ideal for an older dog or a young puppy that loves to be out and about but doesn’t quite have the stamina needed to do the longer walks or for a small dog that may find it hard to handle the rougher terrain. This is when a dog rucksack carrier comes into its own, allowing the dog some rest or helping them out if the going gets tough while letting you carry on with the walk.

You may fancy a visit to the park like other dog owners and you would dearly love to take your fur baby with you to enjoy as well, but it is a short bike ride to get there, again this is where a dog carrier backpack comes in handy. It provides you with a means to carry your dog safely.

Maybe your dog is nervous or anxious when using public transport, a dog carrier is a great way to give your dog the security of being close to you with a front dog carrier design. They are especially good for puppies too. Dog carrier backpacks are such a convenient way to transport them, maybe for a visit to the vet or just to get out of town for a trek in the woods.

Our top 7 picks for Best Dog Backpack Carriers

The most important thing is to ensure that accurate measuring and weighing of your dog is done before purchasing your dog backpack carrier. Suitable for medium or small dogs, you can also use a dog rucksack carrier for transporting your cat, maybe for a visit to the vets or to the cattery before going off on your holidays, a quick and convenient way of getting them from A to B.

1. Pawaboo Front or Back Adjustable Dog Pet Carrier Backpack

  • Easy to use with leg and tail holes
  • For use on your front or back
  • Fully adjustable with wide padded shoulder straps
  • Plenty of meshing for ventilation
  • Sponge padding for dog and carriers comfort

Our first dog backpack carrier from Pawaboo is both sturdy and durable, along with being comfortable for both owner and dog. Made with a breathable mesh and polyester fibre material that is lightweight and portable. The extra-wide padded straps and covered elastic strap to hold your dog safe and secure makes this carrier backpack a wonderfully designed option and one that will carry a dog weighing up to 6-7 kilos (13-15lbs) with different sizes being available for small dogs.

2. Woolala Lightweight Portable Dog Backpack Carrier

  • Inner waterproofing in case of accidents
  • Storage pockets for carrying essentials
  • Breathable mesh panels
  • Available in different sizes and colours
  • Collar clip for added safety

Unlike our first dog backpack carrier, this is a fully enclosed pet backpack carrier, appearing more like the traditional backpack that we all know,  featuring 5 different safety components to ensure your four-legged friend stays safe and secure. Made from high-quality material with the interior being waterproof, so should your dog have an accident you will not suffer the consequences. With one main and two side pockets that are handy for your essentials such as poop bags or treats etc.

3. Petcute Dog Carrier Travel Backpack

  • Zipper for top entry and ease of use
  • Can be worn on your back or chest
  • Fully adjustable straps
  • Drawstring for adjusting front hole
  • Side pockets for storing treats, poop bags and lead etc

This high-quality easy-to-use front or back dog carrier is a great design brought to you by Petcute. Made with strong mesh fabric that features a wonderfully soft and cosy lining while allowing your dog or cat to travel in a natural sitting position. Featuring an extendable waist strap and buckle that will keep the carrier stable while in use along with plenty of safety features so you can rest assured that your dog will travel not only in total comfort but in a safe and secure product. Ideal for all medium to small dogs up to 6.8 kilos (a smidgen below 15).

4. Happy Hachi Dog or Cat Versatile 3-Way Pet Carrier Backpack

  • 3 Ways to carry, back, front or side
  • Double Zips for safety
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Breathable back panel for the wearer’s comfort
  • Chest strap for stability and extra support

This dog backpack carrier from Happy Hachi is a little different and the only one we feature that you can also carry on your side by using the shoulder strap, making it extremely versatile. This dog backpack carrier is made with high-quality 660D oxford fabric with plenty of breathable mesh for ventilation. This can be worn facing front on your chest, on your back as a traditional backpack would be, and as an extra bonus, the shoulder straps can be worn crossed giving even better support, easing the weight on your shoulders and back.

5. Ownpets Adjustable Front or Back Backpack Pet Carrier

  • Easy to use with a flip-open design
  • Fully adjustable
  • Suitable for chest or back
  • Polyester fabric with mesh for ventilation
  • Lightweight

This versatile dog backpack carrier from Ownpets is quick and easy to put on and is fully adjustable, keeping your furry friend in an upright position it can be worn on your chest or on the back. It features 2 buckle clasps replacing zips, all elastic is covered and ensures that your dog is fully secure and comfortable, with the front and back pads being breathable for the comfort of both owner and dog.

6. Legs Out Adjustable Front Facing Chest Backpack

  • Zipper at either side for easy use
  • Padded shoulder straps and back panel
  • Can be used as front-facing legs out front carrier or back carrier
  • High-quality canvas construction
  • Mesh panelling makes it breathable

Another great versatile dog backpack carrier for small dogs and medium dogs is this carrier backpack. You can adjust it to suit your needs. If you prefer to have your dog front facing with their legs out front, you can, or carry your dog in a more traditional way on your back.

For convenience, it has a zipper at both sides to make lifting your dog out of it and putting him or her in it easier. The shoulder straps are padded and adjustable to provide you comfort along with the foam-padded back panel. Although it doesn’t come with pockets, it does have a D-ring that hangs down from it to enable you to connect a storage bag to it to carry essential dog supplies in.

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7. Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack for Small Dogs

  • Adjustable
  • Padded for comfort for you and your dog
  • Interior carabiner to secure your dog
  • Multiple straps provide multi-functionality
  • Lightweight, but rugged and waterproof fabric is used throughout

Last on our list of the best dog carrier backpacks, we have this great option from Kurgo. It is particularly designed with small dogs and cats in mind. It is an incredibly lightweight dog carrier backpack made from a water-resistant fabric on top and an excellent water-proof armorsole bottom.

Thanks to the array of different straps it can be used in multiple ways, both as a front facing carrier and a backpack carrier. To make sure your dog is happy and comfortable, it comes equipped with a carabiner that attaches to its collar or harness on the interior to secure your pooch.

Buyers Guide

So you’ve had a look at our list of the 7 best dog backpack carriers, and have a better idea of what to get for your dog. But we fully understand if that raw information is not enough and you need a little more insight into what you should be looking for from a dog carrier backpack. That is why we have put together this buying guide to cover some of the main factors you need to consider when buying a carrier backpack for your dog.


Even if you have a small-sized dog, it still weighs quite a bit. If you are going to use a backpack as a carrier for your dog, you need to consider that you will have both the weight of the dog and the bag on your back. That’s why we would recommend you make sure the bag is as lightweight as possible.


This could easily have been covered as first as it is so important. It doesn’t really matter how long your dog will be spending in their backpack carrier at any given time, it still needs to be comfortable for them. The last thing you want is for the carrier to feel like a trap for your beloved dog or just a storage bag. You ideally want to make sure it feels like a part of your home away from your home. Look for a carrier that has lots of soft padding and mesh panels that stop it from becoming too hot and sweaty.

If your dog is easily stressed, it may help to get a front carrier for carrying your dog so they can always see you and have eye contact with you.


What if you are not always going to be carrying your dog? You may want to invest in a dog backpack that could double as a normal backpack when it is not being used as a dog backpack. It really depends on what your day-to-day needs are, though.


As a dog carrier backpack is something you are going to use for carrying your dog in, you will want to make sure it is able to hold up under the pressure of your dog’s weight, whether it is a small dog or a bigger one. You will find that most of the best dog carrier backpacks are designed for specific dog sizes.

Another way to ensure that the carrier you get for your dog is going to stand the test of time and many uses are that its construction is of the highest quality. Check that it has double stitching as this helps to strengthen the whole structure of the bag and that the panels are made from high-quality materials known for their durability.

Features to Look For In a Dog Backpack Carrier

In addition to the factors you need to consider when choosing the best dog backpack carrier, there are also some features we highly recommend you look out for.

Safety Straps

The last thing you want is your dog bouncing around as you walk, so it is a good idea to look for a backpack with special safety straps. Some carriers have hooks attached that connect to their collar and make the whole experience safer and securer for your pooch.

Mesh Panels

We have already mentioned mesh panels above, but we felt they were so important that it was worth mentioning them again. As we said, you want to make sure your carrier is comfortable for your dog and that means preventing them from overheating or damp with sweat. Mesh panels improve the ventilation and airflow in and around your carrier.


When you go on a hike with your dog or take them anywhere, you need to be mindful of their needs and prepare accordingly. This means taking along essential dog supplies like dog toys, a dog water bottle, as well as dog food and treats. If you are taking your own backpack with your own supplies, you may want to keep your dog’s stuff separately, that’s why you should look out for a dog carrier backpack with pockets or a miniature storage bag that is connected to it.

Shoulder Straps With Padding

We have spoken a lot about making sure your dog is comfortable, but as you will be carrying your dog around on your back, you will want to ensure that you are comfortable too. This means it is best to look for a dog carrier with padded shoulder straps that can be adjusted to fit you best.


Dog backpack carriers come in many different forms and designs, it is therefore of the utmost importance that you select one that not only suits your needs but those of your beloved pet.

Ensure that the measurements of your dog are precise, if you purchase the wrong size it can result in endangering the safety or health of your dog. Introduce your dog to using a dog carrier gradually and avoid making it a negative experience for them at all costs.