Neighbours Complaining About Your Cockapoo Barking?

We have another article on barking and the reasons for it, but this article is purely focusing on what to do if your neighbour has complained.

Listen To The Complaint

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You live next door to your neighbour 24/7 unless you are at work for some of the days. Everyone has to expect some noise from neighbours as no ones quiet, but listening to a barking dog all day is enough to drive anyone crazy.

If there’s any truth to the complaint then listen to them and let them know you are going to work on it. They may say the dog barks for 5 hours a day when in truth its probably only about 1 hour but it’s still enough to wind them up. There is a good chance that you are out when they are barking and you are simply not aware of it.

Ask Them Questions

To save winding up your neighbour and acting all defensive you should ask them some questions.

Ask them is there a certain time that the dogs barking at, that is annoying them.

Ask them if other dogs in the area are barking and if it could be them and not your dog all the time. They might get so used to hearing any dog barking and presuming its yours. A neighbour near me presumed it was my dog that was barking every night at 10:30pm but it was actually the dog behind us and he realised that when he spoke to me. 

If the dogs barking when you are out then maybe look at getting a dog camera that alerts you when they bark. If your neighbour complains that its barking all the time you can check back through your camera history and show them proof that what they are saying is over exaggerating. 

Ask other neighbours nearby if they ever hear your dog barking and if its an issue for them.

Take Action

You might not like your neighbour. We can choose our house, but we can’t choose our neighbours.

However, you need to let them know that you will take action to control the barking.

You have to be realistic with them though and let them know that a dog barks, and it will still continue to bark, but you will do your best to stop the majority of it. For example, my dog doesn’t bark when shes left, but if the door goes, all hell breaks loose! We have tried to train her to stop this but in the end, we decided we can live with it and we don’t get a lot of visitors!

When Is Your Dog Barking?

Barking In The Morning

If your dogs barking early in the morning because you leave them outside while you make breakfast and have a shower, then perhaps look at letting your dog out to do their business, then bring them back inside with a nice treat to chew on that keeps them busy while you get ready.

Barking At Night

This is probably the hardest issue. If your dogs downstairs barking it could be easy for you to put some earplugs in and ignore it, but your neighbours shouldn’t have to do that.

Look at your dogs sleeping situation. If they are in a crate, try letting them have more of a run of the downstairs. If they are downstairs, try letting them sleep in a room upstairs so they feel close to you. If you want no barking, just let them on your bed. It’s what I did, it’s not ideal but everyone gets a good night sleep. 

Barking While You Are Out

This is by far the hardest issue to solve.

It’s hard because Cockapoos are so needy and do suffer from separation anxiety.

I’d recommend just leaving the house for shorter periods.

Leave them with some long-lasting chews or treats hidden around the house.

When we go out, our dogs locked in the lounge/open plan kitchen diner. However, we make sure all the blinds are closed and the TV is on. If we left the blinds open its guaranteed the squirrels outside or birds would set her off barking like a mad dog. Also, the TV being on a low volume just drowns out the noise from the front of the house and she’s less likely to be alert to dog cars closing or people talking outside. This is just what works for us and everyone’s dog and the situation will be different. 

As mentioned above, I think a dog camera is a great investment. Some even allow you to talk to them and them hearing your voice might stop them barking. Some can even feed them treats, which could be a good thing…. or a bad thing if they are demanding!

Keep Your Neighbour Updated

Most people are decent people. I am sure if you update them that you are making changes but they make the time they will really appreciate it. Maybe invite them round for a brew…. they get to meet your dog and realise he’s a cute dog and might not be so mad at them barking as much once they meet them.

Good luck!