Should You Get A DNA Test For Your Cockapoo?

What are the reasons for getting your cockapoo a DNA test and should you get a DNA test for your cockapoo, after all, will the results make a difference to either yours or your cockapoos life?

Maybe you just want to confirm that it is a true hybrid cockapoo, will you love it any less if it isn’t? My Luna looks a lot more spaniel, but I’m sure she is a cockapoo. Maybe you want to find out its genetics for future health problems that may occur, but, being a hybrid we already know what those might or might not be, don’t we?

Whatever the reasons if you are thinking of having your cockapoo DNA tested there are a few things to consider before running out and purchasing a DNA test kit.

What to look for in a DNA test kit

As with all products on the market you should not just rush out and buy the most well known, cheapest or most expensive. Just because one is well known does not mean it is the best, the same with the most expensive, and the cheapest, well maybe it is cheap for a reason.

It may be worth asking if your vet, they probably can’t make a recommendation but they can advise you on what is available. Do you want a breed and health kit or just a DNA breed testing kit? Compare what is on the market and find out the differences and which maybe the one for you.

Health Test DNA test kit

The biggest reason for carrying out a DNA test on your cockapoo should be to check for any serious genetic diseases that may occur in their latter years especially if you are planning on breeding your cockapoo.

Although a test will, or should have been, already done by any reputable breeder to test for particular diseases that the original breeds used to make the first cross (F1) are known to suffer from and therefore may be carried down to later generations of the cockapoo breed.

As we all know there are variations with cockapoos, both in the breed of the cocker spaniel and the poodle size and as we get into the F2 and F3 (second and third cross) cockapoo generations it is important that these genetic diseases are kept in check, this is why the Cockapoo Club of GB has now put new mandatory testing in place.

The decision is yours, if you have yet to add a gorgeous cockapoo to your family then check out the breeder, a reputable one will have and show you any test results, don’t be afraid to ask if they love cockapoos they will respect you for it. If you are already a proud owner of this wonderful breed then go back to the breeder and ask, again, if they care they will know the answer.

The most common test done for the cockapoo is for the eye disease prcd-pra, Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration, or Progressive Retinal Atrophy where the cells in the retina degenerate this will not normally develop until the cockapoo is between 3 and 5 years old,  but there are other tests so if the breeder has no proof of any being done then seriously think about not getting your new cockapoo addition from them.

There are many debates about whether having a DNA test done once you own a dog is right or wrong unless of course, you are considering breeding it at least once. You cannot change the course of their life as after all their genetics are already their genetics and only the breeders can have an effect on future generations.

DNA Breed Test Kit

For mutts and rescued dogs, DNA genetic testing to find the dog type or breed is important, as this can give you an idea of what traits and characteristics the dog may have, will it be big or small, obedient or defiant etc.

As we already know what breeds our hybrid cockapoo came from this is not so important, but, maybe you are having any doubts and think that your cockapoo is not a true hybrid cockapoo, would a DNA test really settle your mind or would you just find out that the breeder has duped you.

If you have been duped and have all the relevant paperwork you could maybe put a stop to the breeder doing this to anyone else but that is the only good that can come of it really.

As I stated earlier Luna looks a lot more like a spaniel, but once you have bonded with your pet would you change it just because it is not a ‘proper cockapoo hybrid’? This debate could be never-ending, some people still want to know while others don’t, so the decision is yours. There is no right or wrong way to go on this.