The 10 most popular Cockapoo questions I get asked

I get quite a few emails that ask the same questions. Today, I thought I would put these into an article and hopefully, someone will find these useful. 

1. What harness does Luna use?

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Luna uses the Walk Your Dog With Love harness

As you can see it connects at the front. She doesn’t pull that much, but sometimes she can get a bit giddy. This harness doesn’t stop her pulling BUT it does mean that she can’t put her full body weight into it. This makes it much easier for my wife to walk Luna.

2. How many walks does Luna have a day?

Luna gets 1 walk a day for about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Then in the evening, I’ll throw the ball in the garden with her.

On a weekend it’s sometimes longer, and we play fetch on the field.

We usually have one day a week where we won’t take her out (if the weather’s rubbish, or if it’s too hot). She will still get some time in the garden playing fetch.

I see so many posts on the Facebook groups about owners who walk their dogs for an hour in the morning and an hour at night etc. I sometimes think that they over exaggerate to make themselves look good on social media.

3. Whats Luna’s favourite toy?

100% it’s these tennis balls.

She’s obsessed with them and prefers them over normal tennis balls.

They are a bit heavier and because of that, you can throw them further in a ball thrower.

4. How often do you have Luna groomed?

Probably once every 3 months or so.

Our groomer charges £30, so this works out about £120 a year to get her groomed.

Her coat is a lot more Spaniel than Poodle, so she doesn’t get matted that easily.

If your dogs more Poodle then they will probably require more regular grooming.

5. Where does Luna sleep?

It might not work for everyone, but Luna sleeps at the end of our bed, or on the floor in the bedroom.

She did sleep downstairs for about the first 18 months but then started barking every night so we gave in and we now all get a quiet nights sleep.

6. What food does Luna eat?

Luna eats Lily’s kitchen wet and dry food.

Yes, it’s expensive!

However, we felt that she was better behaved when she was on it.

We did switch it to a cheaper alternative, but her farts stunk and she was a bit crazier in her behaviour.

We keep some dry food out for her most of the day to nibble on if she’s hungry.

The wet food is put down in the evening when we have our evening meal.

7. At what age did Luna calm down?

She calmed down when she was around 1, but by 18 months to 2 years old she chilled out a lot more.

8. What sort of Cockapoo is Luna?

She is an F1 cockapoo. Her dad was a Poodle and her mum was a Cocker Spaniel.

9. What age was Luna when you got her spayed?

I think she was around 10 months old.

She had her first season at 6 months which is very young. We then had to wait a while before we could do the operation.

We went for the keyhole surgery which is a lot more expensive but a faster recovery.

10. Does Luna moult? 

Yes, she moults like crazy.

See this post for a hair removal tool that we have to use on the stairs.

My T-shirts are constantly covered in dog hair haha.