Why Do My Cockapoos Farts Stink?

This is a funny topic, but its one that I have seen asked a lot on forums and Facebook so I decided to write an article about it.

So, Why Does Your Cockapoos Fart Stink?

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Luna’s farts don’t smell most of the time. She is fed on Lillys Kitchen wet food and also has their dry food. We are not sponsored by them in any way, it was just the food we changed her to when she was a pup and its one she’s eaten most of the time with no issues. It’s expensive, but we feel its a good one and full of good stuff when compared to other stuff.

We Switched Her Food

There was one time when we went on holiday. We got halfway there and realised we forgot to pack her dog food! It was too late to turn around so we called at a local supermarket near to where they were staying. They didn’t stock Lillys Kitchen so we picked up another random dog food that we decided would do for a few days.

We have never smelt anything as bad come out of her backside as soon as we switched her food. The smell was unbearable and we both had to laugh at times about how bad it really was.

All we could put it down to was the sudden change in her food. When we got home we switched her food back to the normal one and a few days later the smells had gone and she was back to normal. She wasn’t ill at all and loved the new food, but it was clear that something didn’t quite agree with her.

Treats And Human Food

We sometimes leave Luna with my wife parents if we are going abroad or away for a weekend where we can’t take Luna. It’s a win-win, we get a mini-break and my wife’s mum loves taking Luna for a few days.

Luna loves going there as its like a mini holiday for her. However (and I mean this in a good way), shes fed all sorts of food. Mincemeat, steak, chicken. You name it, she has it, and she loves it. The only downside of this is that her farts are really bad.

Having too much human food could definitely be one of the reasons why your dogs farts smell so bad.

Is It The Dog?

I had to add this in here for a bit of humour.

How many people have farted themselves and tried to blame the dog? We have all done it. Make sure it’s definitely the dog’s farts that are smelling and not your partners.

If The Bad Farts Last For A Long Time Get Them Checked Out

Humour aside, if your dogs farts smell bad for a long time then it could be worth a quick visit to the doctors to check that they don’t have anything wrong with them.

I’m not a vet, so I am not going to comment on what exactly might be wrong with them. It could be something simple like they have an allergy to something that’s in the dog food, or it could be something more serious. Its always worth getting an experts opinion.