A Review of Petlab’s Dog Calming Chew

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Any dog can experience anxiety, but some breeds are more prone than others. Working breeds, such as Border Collies, German Shepherds, and Labrador Retrievers, are known to experience anxious behavior more frequently. These are high-energy, highly intelligent dogs, and their anxious behavior can stem from a lack of stimulation and excess energy.

PetLab calming chews, using homeopathic ingredients such as chamomile, ginger root, and hemp extract, can help reduce excited or anxious behavior. Some pet products labeled as calming can leave your dog feeling drowsy or disoriented. The ingredients in PetLab’s calming chews do not cause drowsiness. Instead, they have a naturally calming effect to help your canine companion calm themselves.

Why a dog might need calming chews

  •         If your dog is a high-energy breed that does not get enough exercise and interaction, intelligence combined with energy can leave them feeling anxious. These feelings can also manifest in destructive behavior such as chewing on furniture, barking, or overly rambunctious behavior.
  •         Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety, leaving them feeling abandoned when they are left alone. Separation anxiety can be extreme, causing a dog to howl, chew, attempt to escape, and forget their house training. Though separation anxiety can manifest for a variety of reasons, it is more likely in a dog who are rescues. Their time spent without a family, combined with a potential history of abuse of mistreatment, leave them feeling vulnerable and afraid every time their new family leaves.
  •         Some dogs experience situational anxiety caused by things like storms, loud noises, car rides, or other peculiar events that set off a fear response.

Whatever the reason behind your dog’s anxiety or fear, Petlab’s calming chews can help your dog relax. Creating a relaxed state during times that usually cause stress can sometimes help a dog to conquer their fears or nervousness.

Using calming chews, in the correct dosage, every time your dog will experience an anxiety trigger can help to teach them that they are safe in the situation. Over time, the dog may no longer associate their previous triggers with fear or anxiety.

Do Petlab’s Calming Chews Work?

Unlike some supplements or medications, Petlab’s calming chews have a taste that dogs enjoy. Not only will you have no problem getting them to take the chews, but you may also find them begging for more. Correct dosing is essential for the product to work well, so make sure you read the dosing instructions and keep the chews put up where your dog can’t help themselves.

High-quality ingredients, in the right combination, are the key to why Petlab’s chews work better than many other calming remedies for dogs. The ingredients are many of the same natural remedies people use for anxiety.

  •       Chamomille is not only soothing, but it has been shown to reduce blood pressure.
  •         Passionflower works exceptionally well for creating a sense of well-being, so it helps with separation anxiety.
  •         Valerian root has a very mild sedative property, which can help your dog feel more restful.
  •         Amino acids that work in the brain to boost mood.
  •         Vitamin B has numerous health benefits for dogs, including boosting their immune system, reducing stress, and stimulating the production of serotonin.

Petlab offers a full money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with its products. Pet owners report positive results when using the chews, especially in conjunction with behavior modification training. Reward-based training has definitively been shown to work best when training dogs. Giving them the proper dose of calming chews, then exposing them to their anxiety triggers, followed by an immediate reward, will help them build positive associations instead of fear-based ones.

Petlab’s dog calming chews can reduce behaviors that are driven by fear and anxiety. Reducing these behaviors makes the pet more comfortable and life easier for their owners as well. Pet owners do not want to see their four-legged family members in distress, and the calming chews are a great tool to help keep your dog comfortable and anxiety-free.