Basic Dog Training Tips You Should Know

There is no denying that training your dog enhances the relationship between you and your furry friend. Nobody wants to live with a dog you cannot communicate with. But, whether you train your dog from home or you engage a professional trainer, there are basic dog training tips you need to know.

Whether you want your Terrier to follow basic commands or you want it to master advanced tricks, the secret lies in consistent training from its puppy days. Different dog breeds react to training differently. Some come with the perfect temperament, while others are aggressive and notorious.

Start With Necessary Commands

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The earlier you train your pet, the better it will be for everyone including your guests. Dogs love approval. However, they can’t please you if you haven’t trained them. You have the prerogative to decide what commands or tricks you want your dog to be familiar with. Instead of starting with the fancy tricks, you need to train your pet on the necessary commands from the onset.

Your pet needs to display excellent potty habits. This takes a lot of patience and positive reinforcement. You need to know the right tactics to use if you expect a well behaved dog. You need to set a toilet routine and teach the dog to follow cue at the appointed times. The good news is that dogs love routine. It’s easy to condition the dog to eat at a given time and the same applies to toilet time. If your dog happens to mess, don’t yell at him, some TLC from here and additional lessons can help. When it gets it right, don’t forget to reward it.

Obedience Training

If you expect your Dachshund or Beagle to submit to every command you give, it’s advisable to work consistently on the commands you want them to obey. An obedient dog is fun to be with. Even if you don’t have the reason to go for professional training, you can start with your own set of commands. Essentially, dogs will respond to commands that require them to sit, stay drop or come. Each of these commands have their benefits. You want to start using them as soon as your pet comes of age. If you are having a difficult time imparting these commands, you can try positive reinforcement.

Independence and Privacy

Your pet dog requires some independence and privacy. You need to start training it to be independent from the early years. Part of it requires providing its own room. You don’t want your pet to keep fighting over space with another pet. When it’s time to relax, your dog will relish time spent alone snoozing. If you have more than one dog, it’s important that you start training them to co-exist harmoniously. This works well for a dog you have adopted from the local shelter. It’s advisable that you prepare your dog and keep it looking forward to those training sessions. Apparently, soothing its sore muscles after training will make it eager to train more.

Have Realistic Expectations

Be consistent when you start teaching your furry friend basic tricks. Make sure your dog is learning the same tricks for a considerable number of days or months. Don’t try to teach it everything all at one. It could be confusing, time wasting, and you can end up with a dog who cannot obey a single command.

Teaching a dog basic tricks or commands takes time. You cannot expect to bring your pet home and have it obeying your commands in two weeks. You need to set realistic timelines. You can’t simply teach a dog to stop those habits you don’t like and expect it to toe the line in a matter of hours or days. The good news is that you can teach your dog to stop the bad habits, it’s just that it will take time.


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