8 Reasons to Adopt a Cockapoo

Unsurprisingly, Cockapoos are one of the oldest designer breeds. This breed is a cross breed between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. A cross breed that creates one of the most adorable animals on planet Earth.

Thanks to this, Cockapoos are always in high demand among prospective dog owners. New owners can’t seem to resist their puppy eyes.

Due to the high demand, Cockapoos are rarely ever seen at rescues and shelters. It seems nobody wants to give these dogs up once they get one inside their home. Truthfully, they’re the perfect companion for any family.

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You’re probably wondering what makes these dogs so unique? What makes them different from other dogs?

This article will explore precisely that and list out eight different reasons why you need a Cockapoo in your life.

In response, you’ll probably end up searching your local shelters to adopt one of these sweet dogs. Once you do adopt one, you surely won’t regret your decision. Lets have a look at some reasons for Cockapoo adoption.

Cockapoos are Allergy Friendly

There’s a myth within the dog community that some breeds are hypoallergenic. But, this isn’t true. A particular dog coat type doesn’t cause allergies. Dander causes them, otherwise, known as the dead skin cells shed by both dogs and humans.

Despite this, certain dog breeds are better suited for people with allergies. One of these breeds is the Cockapoo. It’s because they don’t shed much. Therefore, the dead skin cells that cause allergic reactions won’t come into contact with the person suffering from these allergies.

Don’t ever think you can’t get a dog because you’re allergies are too severe. You just need to find the right dog. The Cockapoo is that dog.

They’re Extremely Cute

The first thing that will suck you into getting a cockapoo is their extreme cuteness. Honestly, Cockapoos might be the cutest animal on this planet.

They have these perfect puppy dog eyes that make it impossible to say no (they will use to their advantage). Don’t get me started on their fur. It’s almost too much.

If you’re looking for a dog to show off, the Cockapoo is the breed for you. You won’t be able to go anywhere without a stranger mentioning your Cockapoo’s cuteness.

Because of this, Cockapoos are the stars anywhere they go, and by getting one, you’ll end up becoming a star too. They’re the celebrities of dog breeds and, that celebrity status will extend to you.

Great with Children

Unlike other small breeds such as Chihuahua, Cockapoos aren’t prone to aggressiveness.

You can feel comfortable leaving them alone with your kids without having to worry about them snapping.

Kids will poke, squeeze or pull on a dog to see its reaction. They’re curious after all. In this regard, Cockapoos will offer you peace of mind. Of course, they will protect themselves, but they’re more tolerant of this kind of behavior than other dogs.

Just teach your kids these behaviors aren’t allowed. Then, your Cockapoo will be their new best friend. Most likely, your Cockapoo will end up loving your kids more than they love you.

Don’t Demand a lot of Exercise

Cockapoos aren’t a breed that needs a constant source of exercise. You don’t need a consistent regime of exercise to keep these guys from getting bored. They’re relatively low maintenance and can keep themselves busy.

However, this doesn’t mean Cockapoos don’t need exercise. Walking them two times a day will do wonders for your brand new Cockapoo. This makes a Cockapoo perfect for somebody that has to work during the day. They’re also a great dog breed for somebody who lives in a city.

Moreover, If you’re planning to do some exercise with your cockapoo, you should make sure that he/she is fed adequately with a suitable type of food.

Honestly, taking them out before and when you get back from work should satisfy their exercise needs. In comparison to some breeds, this is a small workload for a dog owner. 

Very Friendly

The Cockapoo’s friendliness isn’t just reserved for kids. It spreads towards all people and animals making the Cockapoo a perfect pet.

In fact, your new cockapoo will probably become best friends with your other dogs or even your cat. Cockapoos are rare in this context. They’re known to be extremely friendly to their feline siblings.

Their laid-back attitude tends to make them seek out other animals as friends. There’s nothing cuter than watching a Cockapoo and a cat playing around the house together.

The downside of this friendliness is you’ll have to teach them jumping on guests isn’t okay. No matter the Cockapoo, this will happen. It’s a side effect of being the little balls of happiness these dogs represent. They will also get along with cats pretty well if introduced correctly.

Easy to Train

In the previous section, a side effect of their friendliness, jumping on guests, was mentioned. This side effect isn’t a big deal because Cockapoos are extremely intelligent.

Their high level of intelligence comes from their Poodle side. Due to this, Cockapoos are very eager to follow commands. Their eagerness means teaching them to stop jumping on guests is something that will be quite easy.

All in all, this willingness to accept training is a godsend. Don’t underestimate the frustration that comes from trying to housetrain a dog who will not take to your training methods. Free yourself from this experience and adopt a Cockapoo.

They Don’t Have a Strong Natural Smell

One of the biggest worries among prospective dog owners is a dog will stink up their house and their clothes. Thankfully, Cockapoos are relatively odourless compared to other dogs.

Regarding their natural smell, there isn’t anything about it that will make your couches stink. In light of this, there’s no reason to keep your little Cockapoo off the sofa. A good thing considering they’ll be relentless about getting on the couch and cuddling with you.

Of course, this benefit goes out the window when they start rolling around outside. Cockapoos love rolling around in the dirt and digging up the yard. When they’re outside, watch them carefully to ensure your garden stays intact. 

Outstanding Cuddler

Any Cockapoo is going to have a soft, puffy coat making them the perfect cuddle companion. In fact, cuddling’s probably a Cockapoo’s favourite activity. They love cuddling so much it almost becomes annoying sometimes.

See, Cockapoos are relentless when it comes to cuddling. They’ll sink into your side and sleep for hours without you even knowing they’re there. On the rare times, you don’t want to cuddle: they’ll sneak in and demand it from you anyway.

Of course, you’ll end up giving in because you can’t say no to a Cockapoo. Those eyes aren’t something you can easily deny.


Given these eight reasons, there’s no way you’ll end up regretting adopting a Cockapoo. It’s time to give in and decide to adopt one of these extraordinary animals. Now, all you need to do is go out, find one, and bring them home.

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  1. Yeah right I have been searching high and low to adopt a cockapoo rarely do you see on and if you do they say you live too far away to adopt. Mine died two months ago my 24/7 companion and friend. I am lost without Chet.

  2. I am looking to adopt a cockapoo, shittu or LLassaappso. As my LLassaappso aged 10yrs passed away last Wednesday. She was my world, my wife and I are devastated. Please could you help us fill this big hole left by tilly.


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