Cockapoo Teething

Cockapoo’s are born without teeth. They then start to get their milk teeth around three weeks old. They normally have a full set of teeth around six to eight weeks of age and have a total of 28 teeth in total.
Between the ages of three to seven months old they normally start to lose their milk teeth and grow their adult teeth. This is the period of “teething” just like humans experience. Dogs can also find this period uncomfortable. The first teeth they lose are their incisors, followed by their premolars and canine teeth. Eventually by the age of seven to eight months they will have a full set of 42 adult teeth. 

What are some signs that your Cockapoo puppy is teething?

All Cockapoos are different but the most common signs are:
  1. Increased chewing and gnawing at furniture and toys.
  2. A decrease in appetite due to discomfort when eating.
  3. Signs of discomfort. They may be whining quite frequently. They may take themselves off to sleep somewhere and generally be unable to settle. They may also get frustrated easier.
  4. Finding teeth on the floor or your Cockapoo puppy may have redness and swelling of their gums or bleeding. They may also drool more than normal, you may find wet patches in their bed or areas they sleep or rest.

How to deal with the teething stage

Be patient. Understand this is a phase your Cockapoo puppy has to go through just like human babies and they will be experiencing some discomfort. Try providing your Cockapoo puppy with lots of things to chew on. Ideal chew toys could be things like “Kongs” filled with things like; their favourite treats, yoghurt, small apples chunks or cream cheese. Kongs can be great for this.

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You can freeze these toys as well. Or you could put their daily food in one and give instead of using a bowl if their teething seems very bad. Yak Milk chews such as Yakers ate also excellent, they can be found here:

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These chews are popular among Cockapoo owners. The more variety the better, but always supervise as best you can. Especially when giving something new to your Cockapoo. Regularly check the condition of the toy or rubber chew. If you see signs of bad wear and tear remove the toy and replace to avoid your Cockapoo swallowing anything dangerous. Do not give things like shoes to your Cockapoo, as a puppy cannot distinguish between these toys and your own shoes. Which you probably don’t want chewed to pieces.
Make sure you do not leave things around that your Cockapoo puppy may chew on during this teething period. Allow your Cockapoo puppy time to sleep and a quiet place to rest. Especially if he is feeling like he does not want to play or cuddle with you. They will be feeling discomfort during this period so don’t feel like you’re losing a connection with your Cockapoo.