Does a cockapoo need a coat?

I have written another article which you can find here. This lists some of the best dog coats that might be suitable for cockapoo owners.

However, does a cockapoo really need a coat? Or do people just put them on a fashion statement? 

We are going to look into this and answer the question for you.

Most cockapoos are pretty weatherproof. Their coat is thick when compared to some breeds and being honest, they really don’t need a dog coat but there are a few reasons that they might end up benefiting from a coat.

If they are a puppy

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If they are outside and there’s snow on the ground or it’s really cold then it could be worth popping a jacket on them. They should only be having short walks until they are older, so keeping them outside in the cold is not a good idea.

Senior dogs

Older dogs (just like older people) are more sensitive to the cold and are likely to suffer from arthritis. Therefore a jacket would be recommended for walks when it got a bit colder.

Recovering from illness

If your dog has recently been ill then a jacket might give them a bit of protection from the cold. If you think about when we humans have been ill we do like to snuggle under the blanket or put on our favourite hoody just to feel cosy.

Your dog was groomed short

This can sometimes remove the undercoat which can then trap moisture which could make your cockapoo cold. So if they were groomed with short clippers because your dog had a lot of knots then it might be worth them wearing a coat.


If you notice them shivering then there’s a good chance they are cold.

Final Thoughts

Make sure the coat that you get for them is comfortable. Dogs do not like to be restricted and having a coat that’s too tight on them will make them not want to wear it. Let your dog have a good sniff of the coat so they know what it is. Hang it on the end of the sofa, or somewhere nearby so they can check it out before you put it on them. A dog would rather not wear a coat if it had a choice, but it can associate the coat with a positive experience it will really help!