Do I Get a Male or Female?

So, you’ve spent a long time looking at various dog breeds and have finally decided that a loveable and fluffy Cockapoo would be the ideal match for your family. Although that would seem to be the most significant decision made, you may start pondering the question highlighted in the title of this post. In many ways, this is a justifiable question, as there are known differences between male dogs and female dogs.

We could give you a concise answer and say that with Cockapoos, there are no gender-specific differences if they have been spayed/neutered, but there are some gender differences that we will discuss.

Personal Preference on Male or Female Cockapoo

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Whether owners want a male or female dog depends entirely on their personal preference. The decision over the dog that is right for their family and household should be based on their temperament and personality. There is also something to be said for the training. Although female and male Cockapoos are territorial, stubborn and independent, they will only tend to develop undesirable behaviours and personality traits as they mature if, and this is a big if, they are not properly trained.

That being said, there have been some owners who have noticed slight differences in behaviour between genders, though it is down to you to figure out whether these are deal breakers one way or the other

Some Common Cockapoo Gender-Specific Traits

Male Cockapoo

  • Males tend to love attention and are generally more affectionate than females. Male cockapoos are the quintessential lap dogs. They will spend a lot of their time trying to get onto your lap when you are watching TV or just chilling at the end of the day so they can be as close to you as possible. Even when you get up to go to different parts of your house, they will want to be close to you, standing near your legs.
  • Male Cockapoos, just as is the case with many other breeds and even species, tend to grow to be bigger than females. While, for the most part, cockapoos are a generally small breed, the males of the species are a lot bigger in general than the females. Something you may want to consider when it comes to choosing between the two sexes.
  • Males are puppies for longer than their female counterparts. It is not just that male cockapoos are taller and heavier than the average female cockapoos; they are also longer—something you will want to think about if you have a smaller home or flat.
  • Generally, and it is not always the case, but still well-documented, male cockapoos are more laid back and calm when they reach adulthood. They never lose their love of play and eagerness to please, though. Cockapoos are generally accepted as a very laidback breed, but if you are looking for the best chance to have a relaxed and calm dog, it may be best to choose a female cockapoo.
  • Male Cockapoos will get along well with other male cockapoos and dogs, female cockapoos and dogs, children and even cats. Do you have a lot of different dogs, children and other animals like cats in your home? Both male and female cockapoos tend to get on with everyone. Though, it’s essential to remember that individual dogs have unique personalities.
  • Male cockapoos will mark their territory if they are not spayed, or if you wait too long before having them sterilised. This can be very frustrating for even the least house-proud cockapoo parent. In their mind, nothing is off limits, as they will want to feel like they are in their domain and that everyone is aware of it. Often, you will find that most male cockapoos, especially if adequately housetrained, will only do that outside. Still, it can be very stressful if they start spraying their urine and scent all over your home, on the flooring, walls, carpeting, and furniture. To avoid this, most veterinarians and breeding experts recommend that you get male cockapoos neutered between 6 and 9 months old.
  • As long as you are consistent with your approach, male Cockapoos are relatively easy to house-train. Worth thinking about if you do not want to have such a hard task trying to get your dog to be obedient. That’s not to say that female cockapoos are incredibly difficult to train, just that they may be more problematic and require much more effort and perseverance.

Female Cockapoos

  • Female Cockapoos are less affectionate and interested in love and attention than males. So, if you are interested in having a friendly dog and want to spend a lot of time with you, then it may be best to aim for a male cockapoo. Although the breed is known for its affection, as we’ve already suggested, males are friendlier and more loving dogs than females.
  • Females also tend to get along with most other female cockapoos, male cockapoos, cats and children. A male or female cockapoo may be a good option if you have a busy household. However, as with male cockapoos, individual personalities can differ from the breed’s generally accepted standards.
  • Females differ from males somewhat in that they have a more independent spirit. Female cockapoos can be likened to cats in many ways because they do not require as much attention, love and affection as their male counterparts do.
  • Females enjoy being around people. So, even though they may not scramble at you and claw at you to try and get onto your lap, they still prefer to be around people and be in the busiest rooms in the house rather than taking time out to be on their own.
  • Female cockapoos need to be spayed. If you don’t spay your female cockapoo in a reasonable time, you will have a different set of problems compared to what you would have with a male cockapoo. Unspayed female cockapoos will go into heat and be fertile twice a year, every year. This can be an incredibly messy time, as we are sure you can imagine. As well as all the blood stains, you need to make sure they don’t run away, as they are likely to get pregnant if they do.
  • Female cockapoos hump things, but this has nothing to do with breeding or sex and is her trying to be the dominant member in the pack. You may be aware that some males of certain dog breeds can be very interested in humping things and showing dominance over their domain. However, when it comes to cockapoos, it tends to be the female cockapoos that do this more than the male cockapoos.
  • Perhaps it’s because they are molly-coddled more. Female cockapoos often are more spoiled than males. Although your female cockapoo may not require as much attention, love and affection, they may still expect much more than the average male cockapoo.
  • Female cockapoos tend to mature and reach adulthood much faster than males. Much like their human counterparts, it is a well-known character trait that female cockapoos mature much faster than males. So if you are looking for a dog that will get with the programme and move on from that lively cockapoo puppy stage faster, consider a female cockapoo rather than a male cockapoo.

The most crucial part of Cockapoo training, aside from sticking to your guns and being consistent, is the first year you have him or her in your home. Many breeders and dog owners will recommend attending pet training classes, mainly if you are new to dogs or the Cockapoo breed.

While the above is all accurate and very apt, you may be thinking about the possibility of breeding, even if not right now, but further down the line. If you are considering this, buy a dog that has not been ‘fixed’.  this is true and a very apt answer. You may be interested in the possibility of breeding, even if not now, further down the line. If you decide to buy or adopt a young Cockapoo that has not been ‘fixed’, it is essential to know that there are differences between genders, even with an amiable breed such as the Cockapoo.

Gender Characteristics of Intact Cockapoos

If you purchase or adopt an intact Cockapoo, like any dog, you have to deal with the issues directly related to this.

Intact males, for instance, will have to want to ‘mark’, urinating everywhere they consider to be their territory and can be very aggressive. If there are female cockapoos (or pretty much females of any dog breed) in the vicinity, intact males will, as is in their nature and make-up, be very keen to get outside and hunt high and low for a potential mate. If you have a female dog in addition to your new male Cockapoo, you must be careful and consider keeping them separate unless you want lots of puppies.

When you have female Cockapoos who have not been spayed, you have to deal with their twice-yearly seasons where they will be in season, looking to escape and, of course, menstruating.

Male and Female Cockapoos Similarities

While you may find yourself scratching your head about whether you should get male or female cockapoos and may think about not getting either. Before you make such a rash decision, it’s worth considering that both male and female cockapoos share some great traits and qualities.

Hypoallergenic Qualities

As both male and female cockapoos are half-poodle, they have hypoallergenic fur. Although there is no such thing as a completely 100% hypoallergenic dog, both male and female cockapoos shed less fur, which can mean that they are a good match for people with allergies.

Before you bring your cockapoo home, someone with allergies should spend time with it before you decide he or she is right for your home.

Family Friendly

Both male and female cockapoos make great family pets as they get on with children and people of all ages. They are also generally good with strangers. Although many cockapoos are smaller than other breeds, larger ones are big enough to avoid your young children accidentally tripping up or standing on them. They are also still small enough that they will cuddle up with family members on their lap.

Although this is a huge positive trait, it’s worth knowing that if you are not careful, this positive trait can turn into a very serious issue of separation anxiety. This can be dealt with, but you need to persevere and may need to look for the help of a professional dog trainer.

Lively and Energetic

Male and female cockapoos are lively and energetic animals. While female cockapoos mature more quicker, they still have a lot of energy. All cockapoos are little furballs of energy.

While this is a good thing, it’s also something you must consider carefully as you will need to give them enough exercise – generally two times a day. The intensity and duration of this exercise will depend, though, on the size of your cockapoo.

Various Sizes

Although male cockapoos are bigger and longer than female cockapoos in general, there are still four different available sizes.

You can, therefore, get both male and female cockapoos that are teacup, toy, miniature, and standard size.

Regular Grooming is Essential

They don’t get those glorious and lush coats without a lot of hard work and effort on your part. Whether you have a male or female cockapoo, you must groom them regularly and take them along to professional groomers to have their fur clipped.

A lot of loose hair, debris, and dirt can get tangled up in their fur, so it’s important to brush through their hair at least once every week.

Some Scenarios to be Aware of in the male vs female cockapoo debate

The main scenario you need to be careful of when selecting a male or female Cockapoo is if you already have a dog in your home.

Whatever your current dog’s gender is, you will find it easier to choose a second dog of the opposite sex, as they are likely to fight less.

That’s not to say you can’t add a male and work hard to ensure they get along, but it makes the situation much tenser.

The worst scenario in a household with a female dog is adding another female. Two female cockapoos are more likely to fight than any other combination, such as male and female cockapoos. There are always exceptions to the rule, and you, like the team here at CockapooHQ, may know of households with two or even more female Cockapoos/dogs that co-exist peacefully. The key in these scenarios is that there is a firmly established Alpha and that the other dogs know who that is and their place within the pack.

Even if challenges to dominance occur, they tend to be less frequent or intensive.

Conclusion of Male vs Female Cockapoo

It should be noted, as ever, that all of the above are generalisations and possibilities. As noted, Cockapoos generally have a good track record of being great companion dogs with similar traits, regardless of gender. Awareness of the possibilities when welcoming a new dog into your home is essential.

We hope we have helped you choose between a male or female cockapoo.

2 thoughts on “Do I Get a Male or Female?”

  1. I have 2 male cockapoos that are 11 and 12 yrs old. The are buddies. I go them both as puppies. My grandson is coming home soon with a male intact Labrador retriever he will be about 10 months old. What is the best way to integrate them. My guys are both my Velcro dogs. Thank you

  2. I have a 4 year old female Cockapoo who couldn’t be more different from the characteristics listed.
    She’s so unbelievably affectionate. Perhaps too much! She absolutely adores us and can’t be without us, definitely not independent in the slightest! She is like my shadow and will lick my face any chance she gets.

    She’s also super silly and still acts like a puppy! She’s gentle and loving and is always trying to please us. We always call her a teachers pet.. as out of our other dogs she is so eager to please. In fact she’s a lot more calm and laid back than the males. In our experience we’ve found the males to be very boisterous and hard to settle down.
    I’ve always had males before her but she has completely changed my mind. I adore her affectionate little ways


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