My Cockapoo Isn’t Cuddly

You might be feeling sad that you thought your Cockapoo was going to be a cuddle monster and always want to be curled up on the sofa with you. However, it’s not always the case as all dogs are different. Just like humans, some like to be close to others, while some prefer their own space. Don’t take it personally, as it’s likely not you, it’s them.

I’d say my Cockapoo, Luna is somewhere in the middle. One minute she will want to fall asleep on you and get all the attention but there are times where she doesn’t want to know and will go and lie on the cold wooden floor all evening. If she does, that’s fine, we leave her to it and won’t force her to come up and cuddle. During firework season, shes extra cuddly as she does want comforting.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why your dog might not be as cuddly as you want them to be.

Reasons Why They Might Not Be Cuddly

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Was Your Cockapoo Adopted?

If your cockapoo was adopted then that’s you don’t know there past. It could be that in their former home they were not treated very well and don’t know what it’s like to cuddle with their owner. They might even be afraid of humans or have trust issues. Just give them their own space and over time they will hopefully become close to you once they get to know and trust you.

Maybe they have a favourite family member?

Try not to be jealous. I am sure we all have our favourite family members.

That’s not to say we dislike the others, it’s just we prefer some people over others. If your dogs friendly with one member of the house over another don’t take that as a bad thing. Just give them time and hopefully, they will warm to you. 

There’s no doubt that my Cockapoo, Luna, loves my wife more than me. If we are both on the sofa there’s a 70% chance she will go and sit by my wife’s side rather than mine.

I don’t take it personally as I know she prefers to play ball with me and always brings the ball back to me rather than my wife. Maybe its because I throw it further? 🙂

Dogs Show Affection In Different Ways

Just because they don’t snuggle up with you doesn’t mean that they are not affectionate. One of their ways they might show you is by bringing you something smelly they found outside or bringing you one of their toys to play with.

If Your Dog was Affectionate But Now Isn’t

If your cockapoo was very affectionate but has suddenly decided not to be then it could be a sign that there is something up with them. Any major changes like this in their behaviour could be worth a trip to the vet. This way you can double-check that there are no underlying conditions. Your dogs cant speak human to tell you that something isn’t right.

Final Thoughts

If you want your dog to become more cuddly then you will need to work on it and have patience. They may never be as cuddly as you wanted them to be but if you use positive reinforcement, treats and lots of praise when they come and snuggle with you then this can only help. Don’t rely too much on the treats though as they will come to expect a treat every time they get close to you. It could also mean they put on weight.