15 Things You Will Know If Your Cockapoo Sleeps On Your Bed

We all know it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie, but where do you let your cockapoo rest his weary head at the end of a long day? A recent study showed that more than a third of pet owners let their dogs sleep on their bed. We, as in me, and my cockapoo, watched the report on TV together, and I swear I saw her giving me a rather feeble attempt at a “you see? We’ve got this!” look.

If you, like me, allow your pooch into your boudoir at night, you’ll know a few things about a dog’s sleeping habits others won’t.

15 things you will know if your cockapoo sleeps on your bed

Nod your head in agreement if you recognize any of these, or feel free to tell us what your cockapoo does if it’s not here.

1. Whether you climb into bed before or after your cockapoo, she does so much ‘digging’, circling, and kneading to create ‘just the spot’, you’re always left uncomfortable.

2. A cockapoo in the bedroom means you’ve got someone to blame the rather foul smells on. And there are a lot of them.

3. Your dog shows little to no remorse expelling those foul smells directly into your nose as he snoozes on your pillow, with his butt in your face, no less.

4. There is no hot water bottle or microwaveable bean bag that comes anywhere close to your four-legged bed-warmer.

5. You are able to sleep in a perfect ‘Y’ position. If only there was some kind of recognition for that.

6. Only you’ll know that dogs don’t sleep curled up in a tight little ball. No, instead they spread out like a spatchcock chicken, sound asleep while you’re hanging onto the mattress by a butt cheek.

7. If you’ve ever moved a dead body (you haven’t?) you’ll know a sleeping dog is heavier. Whether you’re trying to move them over, move them off you or right off the bed.

8. Except when it’s playtime. Dogs are no longer heavy when they decide it’s time to bounce and dive and jump all over the place, like Tigger on a good day.

9. Don’t try getting it on with anyone while your cockapoo is in the room. It’s pointless. You’ll feel their beady eyes on you the entire time, or they’ll howl for help (because you’re being attacked, of course).

10. Dogs aren’t quiet when they sleepis your cockapoo barking in their sleep?. In fact, they jibber and jabber more than some humans do when they’re in la-la land.

11. Same goes for snoring.

12. Dogs find the strangest things to bring to bed with him. A chewed-up old bone they found in the (muddy) garden or an old chew stick.

13. As meek and mild as your canine companion is with you, I dare you to try and reclaim some of your bed while he’s on it.

14. Should you ever be held as a prisoner of war you know you will survive the worst kind of torture in the world; extreme discomfort (lying in one position the whole night), incessant snoring, farting in the face (a common torture method around the world), and sleep deprivation.

15. You wouldn’t change your sleeping arrangements for the world.

10 thoughts on “15 Things You Will Know If Your Cockapoo Sleeps On Your Bed”

  1. All these 15 facts are so so true we not only have a cockerpoo but also a boxer on our bed every night so we have double the trouble

  2. My cockapoo takes most of the bed I sleep on the edge with no covers jumps in bed before me and makes her spot gives me a dirty look if I try to move her

  3. Love the way our girl snuggles down between us then vacates to end of bed once we asleep and rerturns to our warm spot as soon as one of decides to get out of bed. Try moving her when you get back in and she’ll let you know her thoughts 😂😂🐾❤️(Ps lovely to see her in one of the pics too)

  4. Our cockapoo Copper sleeps quietly in our bedroom on a sheepskin draped over a wingback chair with his feet in the air and his head cocked in the most uncomfortable-looking fashion dead to the world not to budge until I climb out of bed around 8am to take him out for his morning constitutional followed by his breakfast of part wet food, part kibble, and half a boiled egg then another snooze. Oh, the decadent life of my best bud…

  5. My 6m old cockerpoo loves to sleep on the bed with us too. She doesn’t like to be near us though ( I think she gets to hot) so sleeps between us right at the end of the bed.

  6. When my husband passed away last year, I brought my then seven-month-old cockapoo, Harley, to bed with me. He has never left my side since and snuggles up right next to my body and puts his arms around my neck while we sleep. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. He is my little godsend

  7. We did a really good job of training Daisy to sleep on our kitchen sofa which she chose rather than her gorgeous bed (although she always woke us at 5am) but when she was spayed we were so worried about her getting at her stitches or leaping around that we let her in our bedroom and Daisy has never looked back. The minute we start to clean teeth she is ‘right I will go and get my spot then’ and beats us to the bed. However, she sleeps like a log until we move so earlier in the week and later at weekends.
    We have no problems with her bed sharing except the washing created by changing the bedding more frequently. Bizarrely, our ancient Hairless Crested has always slept in our bedroom but in her bed which is her choice.

  8. I was nodding at the following 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 (definitely) , 13, 14 (partially) & 15 (100%). Snuggles are brilliant & would not change it at all.


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