Can Cockapoos Eat Bananas? 10 great foods for your Cockapoo.

Tis the season and we are all probably eating too much of everything. That might go for your Cockapoo as well. Lots of exciting nibbles dropped on the floor and using their ‘sad eyes’ to guilt you into giving them treats. So how about we have a look at 10 foods that are good for your little scavengers.

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Perfectly safe. Full of vitamins (vitamin C, B and Potassium). As you might also guess, they help keep your Cockapoo regular. Let that fibre do its work!


If it is well cooked, it is fine for dogs. Ideally, your pooch gets its carbohydrates from veggies, but rice will give them what they need if not. It also calms down doggie-tummies as well.


A bit of a doggie-miracle food. It can help a number of tummy issues. Constipation, diarrhoea and general tummy upsets. Avoid sugary pumpkin filling or too much raw…. The canned version is best. Also known to help eyesight. Great stuff!


A sweeter treat for your Cockapoo so keep it to a small amount. But it is loaded with vitamins A, B and C. Also Potassium. Nutrients and minerals too. Go for it!


A great, healthy snack for your tail-wagging friend. Carrots are great for eyesight. Also great for your dog’s skin and coat. No wonder you will find carrot as an ingredient in many dog foods. Many dogs simply love to chew on a large carrot. Fun and healthy.

Lettuce and Spinach.

Leafy greens are as good for dogs as they are for owners. Vitamins A, K and C are all beneficial. However – there is a wind warning. Large amounts may well make your Cockapoo gassy, or even gassier! Funny and you can always blame the person sitting next to you, but too much wind can be dangerous. A sign of bloating. Limit the greens.


Yes. A small slice of pear is like an apple. A vitamin loaded treat. However, check carefully for seeds, core or stem. They contain small amounts of cyanide! Not what your Cockapoo needs.

Peanut Butter.

PB is good. Nuts are not. Peanuts are actually ‘legumes’ and not nuts which explains a lot. Vitamin B, vitamin E, Niacin and healthy fats are all in Peanut Butter. Raw and unsalted is best but watch the portion size. Lots of calories could mean a chubby Cockapoo.


Great food for your Cockapoo. Basically, lovely, lean meat. Loaded with healthy, fatty acids which are hard to find in other foods. A great way for dogs to get their fats from natural sources rather than supplements. It really can be a major part of a diet.


Maybe obvious but always worth reminding everyone how good meat is. Dogs love it. We should all look for meat content on food labels. Processed meats like hot dogs should be viewed a bit more cautiously but meat, meat, meat. Your Cockapoo’s tail is probably wagging right now.

As with everything, moderation is the key but treat your Cockapoo to some of the items listed above. It’s great to know that these foods are good for your Cockapoo inside and out.

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