Is your Cockapoo bored? Watch for the signs and keep him stimulated.

Think about your daily routine. You probably get bored easily with the same old stuff and crave change and activity. You would not settle for the same routine every day. Guess what. Your furry bundle of fun feels the same way.

A Cockapoo is a lively, smart, wonderful bundle of energy who wants to be involved in everything you do. You need to watch for signs that he or she may be bored and craving activity. If you were bored, you would go and find something to do. Your Cockapoo is the same. They will find a way to entertain themselves and you might not like what they decide to get in to. Had anything chewed (dog chew toys here) or found any holes dug lately??!

Look for the signs.

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Many of the signs that your dog is craving attention and wants something to do may appear like annoying habits. When you come home, does your dog not leave you alone? A classic symptom of boredom is constantly pawing your leg for attention. Your Cockapoo can’t talk but it is letting you know loud and clear that it wants something.

A bored dog can become listless and appear lazy. If your pooch is not reacting to a favourite toy or game, if he doesn’t even stir when you call his name, it may be how boredom or lack of activity has changed his behaviour.

How about constant or increased barking or whining? Again, a dog cannot talk to you, but it can be vocal in letting you know that it needs attention. Listen to the signs.

Keeping your Cockapoo busy and stimulated.

Your dog needs you and craves your attention. Do everything you can to create an activity for your dog. Your Cockapoo wants to be part of everything you do. Make time to play fetch, invent new games with favourite toys, train him or her, teach them a new trick. Make sure you are keeping up with the walks, no excuses. Can you add another short walk to the daily routine? Good old fashioned physical activity will benefit you and your best furry friend. Imagine yourself sitting home all day waiting for the return of your playmate and then being completely ignored. I bet you would find something to chew!

Stimulate your dog’s mind. There is a great range of toys that are effective as mental puzzles for dogs on the market today. Anything that makes your dog work at something keeps them occupied. If you observe the behaviour and reward the successful completion of a puzzle or task, it is even more exciting for your doggie buddy.

The Kong Wobbler is available to buy here.

Is your Cockapoo alone a lot?

If you simply cannot help leaving your furry friend alone because of work or daily routines, consider a doggy daycare or dog drop off centre. Maybe for a few hours. Maybe for one or more days a week. If your Cockapoo craves companionship and activities with friends, this will provide constant stimulation and pleasure for your pooch.

Nothing works?

If all of the steps mentioned above do not seem to work and you keep coming home to an anxious dog and ripped, chewed objects, it may be time to seek help. Your dog may suffer from separation anxiety. Seek advice from a vet of a behavioural expert. There are many ways that you can help your pooch reduce his or her anxiety levels.

So, look out for the signs. Don’t ignore them. Usually a little more effort on your part and a change of routine can quickly improve the situation. Your dog will stop those ‘annoying habits’ and be so much more content and you both will enjoy life that little bit more.

2 thoughts on “Is your Cockapoo bored? Watch for the signs and keep him stimulated.”

  1. My 2 and a half yr old cockapoo is great. She is walked twice a day, has a run over fields chasing a ball, has games to stimulate her brain , is played with and is hardly ever left alone. Loves a swim in the sea, Yet she still wants more! Whines and paces every evening until finally settling down about 9 o’clock. I just can’t wear her out. Help!,,,,

  2. Hello Heather my 11 month old Cockapoo girl is the same way…what helped was Matt training, telling her to go lie down on some comfy sheets and with her toys. One of her toys is the same size as her so she often cuddles with it and falls asleep. She has a lot of anxiety too so I am training her to be more independent by sleeping in a separate room at night with the same routine every night…Currently I’m Very pregnant and it’s really cold outside, and now she is finishing her first heat cycle so I only take her out twice a week while she is in heat…before that I let her out in the back yard mostly every day and sometimes walks…she does get very bored no matter how much attention I give her or play with her so I set boundaries…I do love her to watch the dog movies on Kids Netflix and she actually watches them…I just teach her to be more lazy lol …still struggling though cuz she gets very bored…but my baby is coming and I don’t want to spoil her with too much attention because I will have a newborn.


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