Why does my Cockapoo sleep like that?

What does the sleeping position mean?

When your furry friend sleeps, it is lovely to see. How do they get in that position and how can they possibly snooze? Be honest, how many photos’s have you taken of your Cockapoo looking impossibly cute having a nap. Dogs appear comfortable and cozy while napping, but there are often reasons behind their choice of sleeping positions.

How Long Does A Cockapoo Sleep? 

Cockapoo Sleeping Habits

It can seem like your furry friend is asleep most of the time. The average dog sleeps 12-14 hours a day. More if we are talking about a puppy. It should be noted that dogs do not have a regular sleeping pattern like humans. We are programmed biologically to sleep at night and be awake during the day. Dogs sleep in smaller chunks of time throughout the day as needed and when they are comfortable doing so. They can nap at any time in their beds or if they can, they will get in your bed.

They also have a couple of different types of sleep. Slow wave sleep is typical during shorter naps. Rapid Eye Movement sleep is a deeper, longer sleep type.

So, we know our Cockapoo sidekicks can sleep any time, anywhere and seemingly in any position. The stranger the position, the cuter your pooch looks. But what can you learn from the position your dog sleeps?

Four basic positions.

There are four common positions that a dog chooses. Evolution, a dog’s natural instincts and the environment it lives in all dictate these.

Curled up in a ball.

This is not the most comfortable position for a dog to adopt, but it has a dual function. The more obvious is that is helps protect the dog when it is sleeping. Curled up in a ball is a natural defence while sleeping to help prevent attack from predators. Importantly, it also keeps the dog warm. Body heat is preserved which is vital if living wild.

Sleeping on its back.

This is a sure sign that a dog is comfortable and feels safe. It is probably the most comfortable position for a dog to sleep in. With the belly exposed and potentially vulnerable to attack, your Cockapoo feels safe and secure in the environment you have created for it. A good sign!

Sleeping on its side.

This is also a sign that your dog is secure and feels safe. It is very comfortable and allows a sound sleep. A dog would find it hard to spring up and defend itself quickly from this position, so you know your pooch is relaxed and content. It is not expecting an attack any time soon.

Sleeping on it’s stomach.

This is more of a resting position than a comfortable sleeping position. It allows a dog to spring into action without hesitation. In the wild, it would be a sign of readiness. In your home, it is usually a sign that your Cockapoo does not want to miss out on anything. Resting but keeping an eye out for snacks, cuddles, toys and leashes.

If your pooch sleeps soundly on its back or side, well done. You have created an environment where it can truly relax and sleep happily without worry. However, if your dog often naps curled up or on its stomach, do not worry. Natural instincts play a huge part in dog psychology. It simply can’t shake off natural habits.

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