10 Things Off This List You Are Completely Obsessed With Your Cockapoo

Let me start with full disclosure. Yes, I answered ‘true’ to 10 things off this list. In fact, I answered ‘true’ to just about every single point. I know I’m more than slightly obsessed with my cockapoo. The question is, are you?

1. You hug your dog hello when you see them

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You hug your dog in the morning when you wake up, as you’re leaving for work and it’s the first thing you do when you get home. Your cockapoo is the person to be hugged, before your partner and kids (if there are any).

2. You have a framed photo of your cockapoo

What? This isn’t an obsession, this is normal behaviour. Isn’t it? I have a friend who has framed photos of his cockapoo all over the house. Family pics, Christmas greeting cards, you name it. It just isn’t complete without my, I mean his beloved pooch.

3. Your phone background is of your cockapoo

I’m beginning to wonder if the person who put this list together even has a cockapoo. Whose phone background doesn’t have their dog? Anything else is unacceptable.

4. Say bye, and you’ll see them soon every time you leave

Bwahahaahhaaaa! Okay, I don’t do this, but a friend of mine does, and we tease him every single time. We always ask him what he would do if his ‘poo answered back. His response: I’d be devastated if she didn’t! Now we think Dr Cockapoolittle is obsessed.

5. Personalised cushions

What’s so weird about this? We’ve got personalized cushions, initialled towels, his and her t-shirts, as well as a personalized coffee mug and water bowl. Doesn’t everyone?

6. Taking pictures of them while they are asleep

This isn’t obsessed at all. It’s when you get the best pics: tongue out, sometimes smiling. I even record him sleeping so I can share his snoring sounds with friends and family.

7. Always save them some of your food

Guilty! When I go to a restaurant, I order what I know will work well in a doggie box. I think about his allergies (he has a few), what he likes (most things), and what he dislikes (not too much) and then order accordingly. At home, I always leave him the best bits, and there are no prizes for guessing who gets the last lick of the ice cream cone.

8. You let them have more of the bed than you do

This is a tough one because I love my sleep and while I don’t surrender the entire bed I certainly give up a good portion. I do have friends though, who literally sleep more curled up than a hibernating hedgehog to accommodate their cockapoo.

9. You spend more time with them than your partner

Partner? What partner? Who needs a partner when you’ve got a cockapoo?

10. Most of your social media updates are about your dog

No way! Not a chance! Your social media updates are about your pet? Are you crazy? There’s no love there! My cockapoo has an Instagram account, a Facebook page, a blog, and a Snapchat account, and occasionally, he sends WhatsApp messages.

11. You let them take your spot on the sofa, and you sit somewhere else

Who needs a sofa? The floor (close to the cockapoo on the couch) is so much more comfortable.

12. YOU get separation anxiety more than your Cockapoo

You hate leaving your cockapoo, whether it’s for a week or a weekend (you wouldn’t even dream of a two or three-week vacation) and your cellphone bill skyrockets because you spend hours asking your sitter to put him or her on the phone so that you can say ‘hello’.

13. You spend more on their grooming than on your haircut

Nope, not a chance! I spend the same amount of money on our grooming…because we get matching haircuts, of course.

14. You arrange days out that are more focused on your dog than you

Not me, but I have friends who have playdates for their cockapoos, birthday parties for their cockapoos and get-togethers. As far as I’m concerned, they’re just weird. Besides, my cockapoo and I would never miss our Saturday picnics or Sunday sundowners.

15. You talk to your Cockapoo like they are a person

Aren’t they?

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  1. I take so many pics of them , it’s ridiculous! Haha! Too bad we can’t post them here! Cockapoos are the cutest dogs ever! 🥰❤️


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