How To Keep Your Car Clean From a Muddy Cockapoo

Weekends are spent finding new dog-friendly spots or visiting our favourite places, which means quite a bit of time in the car. Of course this is fun and we enjoy our time together, but trying to keep the car clean after a day in water and mud often leaves me less than enthusiastic about these road trips.

Thankfully there are some great products available that’ll clean your pooch off before they get into the car, saving you a huge amount of frustration while keeping dirt to a minimum.

Items To Keep Your Car Clean

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The award-winning PawPlunger could be mistaken for a travel mug until you try it out. It’s a very basic concept but cleans muddy paws really well. Simply fill the PawPlunger with water up to the top of the first row of bristles and gently plunge your dog’s paw in. To clean, you move the plunger up and down. You can do this as many times as necessary to make sure there’s no more mud. Once you’re happy with that, simply dry the paws. There are two sizes available, one for large dogs over 15 inches and one for smaller dogs under 15 inches.

It’s a great little cleaner and being about the size of a large travel coffee mug, it’s easy to take along wherever you go. My suggestion though is to maybe remove the inner petals, which will make it easier to get paws in and out.

Hozelock PortaShower

Ideal for a day out with you cockapoo or camping, the PortaShower is a handy device that stores well and is easy to transport in your car. There is a pressure sprayer with a safety valve and a 2m hose and has a spraying time of around 3 minutes. I know of people who use it for their camping trips or if they’re having water problems at home but I prefer using it on my dog. It cleans paws and underbellies really well but I wouldn’t recommend it for a full grooming session.

It’s a real multipurpose tool and perfect if you have water restrictions in your area or want to water a small area of the garden. Highly recommended.

SnuggleSafe Micro Fibre Dog Pet Towel

So simple but so clever, the SnuggleSafe pet towel is a micro-fibre towel that dries a wet pooch super fast. Unlike normal bath towels, it reduces the chance of split ends, fuzziness and cuts drying time by a significant amount.

There are no tricks or gimmicks to it and it doesn’t need a long explanation. Try it for yourself and see. You’ll be very impressed with the results.

Petkin Mega Valu Pet Wipes


If they’re good enough for babies, then they’re good enough for mutts. “Always have a pack of Petkin Pet Wipes” that’s my motto. Sometimes you don’t need fancy gadgets and gizmos to get the job done and that’s why these work so well. It’s a no-mess no-fuss way of cleaning your cockapoo and what I especially like is that it’s all-natural so you can even wipe around their eyes, face and ears. They’re also gentle enough to use every day, as many times as needed.

The wipes have a vanilla and coconut scent and the formula doesn’t affect spot flea treatments. Also, if the need arises, you, your cockapoo’s human, can use them too.

Microfibre Doggy Bag

I’m not too sure your dog’s going to be happy in this sack, but it’s an effective way to keep him from dirtying the car. The doggy bag traps the dirt and mud in one place and keeps your pet warm, especially in the colder months. It’s made of a quick-drying microfibre and can be washed over and over again.

Cost-wise, it’s not the cheapest of options but it works incredibly well, is long-lasting and does what it says. You’ll love it. Your dog will love it. As long as she doesn’t see what she looks like.

Mud Daddy-mud washing brush

The best way to deal with mud is as quickly as possible, which is why you need the Mud Daddy-mud washing brush. It’s a versatile cleaning product and is handy for a variety of purposes. Clean your dog, your mountain bike, trail shoes, rugby or soccer boots, or use it when you’re camping. While it does a super job at cleaning it’s actually a really simple idea.

The 5-litre water tank has a brush and can works by combining water and air pressure. It uses 90% less water than a hose pipe and 80% less than a jet wash and is perfect for rinsing off paws, boots, wellies, pushchairs and wheelchairs at the end of a muddy-marvellous day.

Premium Dog Seat Cover

One of the most effective ways to keep your car seats clean is with a well-made dog seat cover. Sometimes you really don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Investing in a good-quality dog seat cover for the car will keep your car clean and save money and time. I particularly like this one because it’s that good.

The seat cover is a universal fit and will fit most cars, from small run-arounds to larger SUVs, and of course, it works for dogs of all sizes. The top layer is 100% waterproof and protects the back seat and seat from spills, scratches, dirt and grime and it’s completely washable too. It’s very easy to install with buckles and there are even holes for seat belt holders and best of all, there’s a free safety seat belt for your pooch and a free chewable carrot toy! So, what’s up Dog?

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