Should You Get a Cockapoo if You Work Full Time?

One of the massive issues for any animal lover is that of whether to get a dog if they work full-time. This may seem impossible to do but there are 8.5 million dogs in the UK while only 1.5 million of us work from home.

Therefore, it seems that there are plenty of people who combine full-time jobs with keeping a pet. So, how can you do it?

Why You Can’t Leave a Cockapoo Alone All Day

The first point we need to consider here is that Cockapoos are extremely sociable dogs who love to be around people all day long. If you have one of these dogs at home then he will suffer from boredom and loneliness more than many other pets.

Having said that, all dogs are generally happiest around people and other animals. So, while some breeds are more comfortable than others with being left alone, it isn’t really a good idea with any dog.

A dog who is alone in the house all day long may become stressed and anxious. This can lead to a number of different problems such as destructiveness, soiling the carpet or barking all day.

How Long Can a Dog Be Left Alone?

Since most of us work 8 hours or so each, once we add in the commuting time we can be out of the house for 9 to maybe 10 hours each day. Others have more flexibility or shorter working days but it is still difficult to keep your dog company for enough time while working.

A general piece of advice is that up to 5 hours at a time may be acceptable, although each dog is different in this respect. In the case of a puppy, his need to go to the bathroom on a more regular basis means that leaving him on his own for more than a couple of hours is risky.

There is also the fact that older dogs are typically happier to lounge around and sleep for longer periods. Bearing this in mind, if you simply can’t be there for him all day then you might want to consider an older dog.

It could also be the case that you can go home at lunch time and then the kids get home from school a few hours later. Basically, you just need to find a routine that works for everyone and that doesn’t leave your dog sad and lonely all day without any sort of company.

Ask Friends and Relatives to Pop In and See Him

Do you have friends and family who live nearby? If so, maybe you could ask them to pop in and see your Cockapoo during the day while you are out.

This could be as simple as letting him out into the garden to do his business and re-filling his water bowl at the same time. It tends to be a good idea if you have retired relatives nearby who are happy to add this to their daily routine.

Of course, you might find that it works best of all if you are able to swap favours with someone in order for them to help out. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider beforehand what you could offer to do in exchange.

Is Crate Training an Option?

You may have about the option of crate training your Cockapoo. This is a sensible option for many people and could come in very useful in a lot of situations.

Yet, this isn’t simply a convenient way of keeping him at home alone all day long. If your dog is left in a crate for hours on end then it isn’t really going to be a lot of fun for him, is it?

If he is destructive or soils the house when left alone then this might look like a sensible option but it really isn’t. Crate training is worth considering in different situations but not as an easy way of getting him to behave while you are out at work all day long.

Options for Working and Having a Dog

So far, it still isn’t really clear how so many people can go out to work and have a cute dog at home. Well, the following ideas could help you out.

  • Come home for lunch. One of the most common ways of managing this situation is by going home at lunchtime. Clearly, this is only really a decent option if you live near your place or work or have a really long lunch break. Otherwise, it might be time to go back to work as soon as you get home.
  • Hire a dog sitter or walker. Might it be a sensible move to hire a dog walker or sitter to look after him while you are out? The big issue to consider here is around how expensive it is going to be. As you can imagine, prices vary greatly from one place to another. In the UK, prices tend to run from £8 to £15 per hour, although you may get a better price for a daily rate. In the US, typical charges are between £10 and £20 for a 30 minute walk.
  • Try a daycare centre. Just as young children can pass a few hours each day in a daycentre centre, so too can pooches. This can give them the chance to socialise with other dogs while a person looks after them all. This is usually a good value option that isn’t that much more expensive then getting a dog walker to take him out each day. It could also help him to learn how to get on with other dogs and different people. These doggie centres are more common than you might think and more are springing up all the time. With a bit of luck you will have one near to you.


Adding a dog to your family is a wonderful idea but it has to be the right time for him as well as for you. If you head out to work every morning and aren’t back until late then you might need to get creative with ideas for keeping him company all that time.

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