Taking a Cockapoo Puppy Home

Taking a new pet home is a huge moment in any person’s life, as well as being a life-changer for the animal involved. So how can you be sure that you start as you mean to go on? There are many possible problems that cause people to give up on their pets, with 5% blaming the cost of maintenance and 4% saying that they don’t have the right facilities at home.

In addition, people who return a new pet to the shelter or breeder that they got him from often give bizarre reasons for doing so. There is no guarantee that a particular dog will fit in with your home and family but by thinking about what you need in advance you stand a far better chance of making him welcome and ensuring a bigger, happier family from now on.

By investing in a few inexpensive Cockapoo essentials you can make him feel at home right from the very first moment that he walks through the door to your house. Lets have a look at a cockapoo puppy checklist for when you are owning a cockapoo.

Essentials for bringing your cockapoo puppy home.

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It is important what to consider how to prepare for a puppy and the cockapoos first night.

A Comfortable Cockapoo Bed

One thing he simply can’t do without is a warm and comfortable bed to feel at home in. This will be the centre of his world and the place where he feels safest, so be sure to spend some time finding a bed that is perfect for him.

These items come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and materials. It is vital that you pick one that he is going to be comfortable in just now and that is going to also suit him as he grows.

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Food and Water Bowls

Every dog needs his own food and water bowls that he has easy access to. The size of the bowl should be in accordance with his size, really.

Stainless steel bowls will last longer, while plastic models are usually a good deal cheaper but not as durable. You might also want to consider elevated bowls or those with rubber bases, to avoid messes.

Recommended Product – This set of bowls doesn’t slip or flip over due to the silicone map. The bowls are made of stainless steel and are easy to clean.

Cockapoo Collar

The collar that you choose will make a big difference to how comfortable and safe your Cockapoo is when you go out together. If he is a puppy just now then there is a good chance that he will outgrow it before too long anyway.

You should look to measure him in order to make a sound choice. After that, you can check the fitting regularly to work out when you need to buy a new one.

Recommended ProductThis Dexi Classic Dog Collar is durable and easy to adjust, which are the most important factors to take into account or if you are feeling fancy and will be walking a lot in the dark then look at LED collars as another option.

Cockapoo Lead

Finding a suitable lead for your new pet can be a lot trickier than it first appears to be. The important factors to take into account here include the length, how comfortable it is to hold and its strength.

Chain leads and nylon leads are typically the strongest but can be tough to hold onto. Leather dog leads are another good option, as they are strong yet flexible and easy to hold.

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Dog Tag

You definitely have to get a dog tag in the UK, even if your Cockapoo is microchipped. The Control of Dogs Order 1992 states that every canine out in public needs to have his details and his owner’s details on his collar.

Engraved metal collars are usually the best option in terms of staying in place and remaining legible for a long time.

Recommended Product – This brass tag is an ideal sort of product for clearly identifying your dog when he is out and about.

Poo Bags

Among the most unglamorous but essential purchases that you will ever make is a good supply of poo bags. UK law means that you need to clean up after your Cockapoo does his business outdoors.

There’s not a whole lot you can do to make this task more pleasant. Having said that, getting a big supply of scented bags with easy to tie handles will make life that little bit easier for you.

Recommended Product – This pack of 400 scented bags will help you to keep the streets clean.

Puppy Toys

As well as all of the practical stuff, you can’t forget to have some fun waiting at home for him too. Puppies love to explore now sounds and textures, so try out a decent variety of different toys that might suit him perfectly.

Of course, the likes of tugging ropes and rubber balls are examples of toys that you can play with together. This is a great way of bonding as well as of stopping him from getting bored.

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Dog Grooming Brush

Brushing your dog’s hair is an essential grooming task that can also let you spend some fun time together. This will soon become a big part of his routine so it is best to get him used to it as soon as you can.

Since all Cockapoos have different types of hair, it is important to find the right brush for him. A good choice here will make this task a lot more pleasant for both of you.

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Dog Coat

Some clothing can help a short-haired dog to deal with the cold weather. However, even if your Cockapoo has a good length of hair, he might need a coat when the really cold weather comes along.

This will help to keep him clean and well protected in the worst of the winter. Not all dogs are happy getting clothing put on them, so you will want to take it slowly and let him get used to the idea.

Recommended Product These puppy coats are all terrific pieces of clothing that will help him to look stylish as well as keep him warm.

Puppy Treats to Start the Training

It is a daunting thought when you consider all the training that you need to give a new puppy in your home. Teaching him to behave well is a big responsibility, especially if this is the first time you have had a dog.

Getting some puppy treats is a smart move, as this will let you reward him when he does something well. This will soon become a habit for both of you, as he tries to work out what to do in order to get more of the treats that he loves.

Recommended Product These training treats come in delicious flavours and will help him to stay strong and healthy.


By getting prepared in advance you can make sure that your new Cockapoo feels right at home as soon as he gets to his new house. You won’t regret purchasing any of these essentials, as they will also make life easier for you too.

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