10 Ways To Become A Better Cockapoo Owner

If your cockapoo could speak how happy would he say he is, with you as an owner? If he was a friend would he want to hang around with you all the time, or would he prefer a different BFF?

Owning a dog, or any pet for that matter, is a huge responsibility that takes a lot of commitment and time. There’s feeding, grooming, and visits to the vet. Also, you need to be able to spend time with your pet.

We strive every day to be better people, to be better partners, employees, employers, parents and friends. We need to do the same when it comes to owning a cockapoo. Have a look at our easy ways of becoming a better person to your ‘poo.

1. Don’t hit your cockapoo

While this seems like a no-brainer there are still people around who think hitting their dog is okay. It’s not, under any circumstances.

Nothing good comes from this and all you’ll have is a pet that’s scared of you. Take the time to train them, spend time with them and always show compassion, patience and love. If there comes a time you feel like you want to hit your dog, take a step back and remind yourself how many times he’s forgiven you.

2. Spend time with them

If you think about it in human terms, if you don’t spend time with a friend the relationship generally fails. The same goes for your cockapoo. They don’t care how you do it, or what you do with them, they just want to be with you.

Take them for training classes, go for walks after work and go on outings on the weekend. Let them run in the park, or on the beach. Play ball with them in the park. Not only is this quality time essential, it’s also essential they get their exercise.

3. Supply better dog food

Your cockapoo deserves the best nutrition your money can buy. By no means are we saying you need to get the most expensive food on the market but also don’t skimp.

Check that what you’re feeding your best friend has the necessary nutrients and that it meets the AAFCO or PFMA health guidelines? Is it the right food for a cockapoo? Is it right for the age of your dog? Does your dog have any specific dietary needs? These are all the questions you need to be asking. If unsure then ask your vet or local pet shop. If cost is an issue then maybe treat your dog to premium organic food every now and then. Also, don’t forget the treats. They’re necessary and they need to be healthy too.

4. They need their own space

Like us, dogs love having a space to call their own. You know, that little corner of tranquillity, that mat that makes everything feel better?

Ensure your cockapoo has an area that’s theirs and theirs alone. Whether it’s a comfy dog crate, a blanket or bed in a corner of the TV room, a spot on the floor in your bedroom, or even a cozy kennel outside in the garden. What we don’t mean is locking them outside all day and night and leaving them on their own constantly.

5. Regular visits to the vet is a must

It’s your responsibility to make sure your cockapoo is as healthy and as happy as possible and this means regular visits to the vet.

They will check for lumps, suggest supplements, help assess any changes in behaviour and do overall check-ups. Also, if you can see your dog isn’t quite itself then consultation is a priority, not something to ‘get to later’. Regular visits are quick and inexpensive and will reduce the risk of any major long-term health problems creeping up on you.

6. Look after their teeth

Studies show that almost 80% of dogs in the US will have oral disease by the time they’re three years old.

Dental problems don’t just mean a bad breath and yellow teeth. Oral disease in dogs can affect their overall health, including heart, liver and kidney problems. Look after your pooch’s teeth like you do yours. Brush daily with a doggie toothbrush and toothpaste to get rid of tartar, check for cavities or other problems regularly and see a vet when there is an issue.

7. Never leave them alone in the car

Never ever leave your dog in the car alone. Plan ahead so you can avoid this at all costs.

No matter how quickly you’re going to be popping into the shop, it’s unfair and dangerous for your dog to be on its own in the car. Besides the obvious dangers of them freezing to death in winter or suffocating in summer, there’s also a chance of them being stolen. It happens far more often than you think; the leaving of pets in cars, them dying from exposure to the elements and being stolen. Don’t do it.

8. They need friends

Your best friend needs other best friends too. Dogs by nature are social and they love being with other dogs.

The best way to start off, especially if you have a puppy, is joining a socialization class. This will get your pup used to others and will stand you in good stead down the line. If you live close to a park, visit it regularly. Chances are there are loads of dog owners who are also looking for pals for their pets. Or search local community sites and Facebook pages to find out about meet-ups and play-dates. If you’re at work during the day consider a doggie day-care so he’s not on his own or maybe send him once or twice a week, to beat the boredom blues.

9. Practice grooming

Another obvious, but not so obvious way of being a better cockapoo owner is regular grooming. Keeping your dog clean and well-groomed comes with owning a pet.

You can do it yourself, which also counts as time spent together or get a professional to help. However, make sure your pet likes it and isn’t traumatized by the experience. If necessary find a mobile groomer that comes to you.

10. Plan for the future

This might seem like a strange one but remember we’re not here forever, and anything can happen. Take the time to plan for the future, should you not be around for your pet.

Have a plan in place that there is someone who will look after your dog should something ever happen to you. The last thing you want is your best friend ending up in a shelter or worse.

Now ask yourself: if your cockapoo could choose any owner in the world, would he choose you over and over again?

What have you done to become the very best cockapoo owner you can be? We love hearing from you so feel free to share your ideas and tips in the comments section below.


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