Home Agility For Your Cockapoo

Cockapoo’s love to learn new things, so why not take them to an agility class, or better still, try agility at home in the comfort of your own garden?

Today, we are going to look at some agility equipment that you can use in your own home with your Cockapoo.

1.  Tunnels

Cockapoo’s love these tunnels. Mine absolutely loves running through these. They are pretty cheap and be folded away when not in use. If you have children in your family then they will love these as well. They can provide hours of fun for everyone.

2. Agility Hurdles

HAEST - The Adjustable Agility Hurdle Set for all kinds of Sports - Blue-Yellow
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HAEST - The Adjustable Agility Hurdle Set for all kinds of Sports - Blue-Yellow
  • The multi-functional and adjustable agility hurdle...

This is a great set of hurdles. These can be adjusted in height as there are holes in each of the cones. You can have your dog go under them or jump over them. They can also be arranged across the garden to make a few different obstacles.

3.  Agility Kit

If you want a few agility items in 1 kit then this could be for you. There is 1 big hurdle, a ring to jump through and slalom poles.

4. Dog Seesaw

Trixie Dog Activity Agility Seesaw, 300 54 34 cm
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This item is a bit more advanced and more expensive but we think your Cockapoo would love it! It will likely need a bit more time and patience.

Agility is all about having fun. If you or your dog is not finding it fun, then take a rest and come back to it the next day. There’s a chance your dog won’t go near the equipment at first as its something new that they might be wary of. Leave it set up in the garden and throw some treats near it to get them used to it.

If you and your dog end up loving it then you could take your agility to the next level and look for some local agility clubs to take part in. You could always check out http://www.doodleagility.co.uk/