Cockapoo Owner Interview with Polly and Cockapoo Teddy

What is the name and age of your Cockapoo and why did you choose that name?

My Cockapoo is called Teddy and he is just under 11 months old. I chose teddy because when I went to meet him he looked like a teddy bear!

Does your dog have a silly nickname that you have given them and what’s the story behind it?

We sometimes call him Oliver because he tries to steal things out of people’s pockets haha.

Can we have one of your favourite images of your Cockapoo please? Let us know why its one of your favourites.


This is one of my many favourites, it’s one of them because he’s sitting like such a good boy like butter wouldn’t melt when really he has two sides.

Does your Cockapoo sleep in a crate, or do they sleep upstairs with you on the bed? What were your reasons for your choice?

Teddy sleeps on my bed, I chose for him to be able to do this so he isn’t on his own and knows I’m there if he needs me.

What is the first thing your Cockapoo does in the mornings when you wake up? (Any bed head photos welcome!)

The first thing teddy does is jump all over me licking me to death.

What food do they eat? Are they on dry food? Wet food? Or a raw diet?

He’s on dry food even dry treats I try not to give him any kind of wet food.

What’s their favourite food that they just can’t resist?

Most definitely chicken!!

Has your dog been on holiday, if so, where and did they enjoy it? Do you have dog holidays planned? 

He hasn’t been on holiday just yet.

What’s their favourite toy and why?

I would say his Kong toy because he is always chewing on it and if you ask him where it is he goes and grabs it and plays with it with you.

What’s the hardest thing about living with a Cockapoo?

The hardest thing I would say is how clingy they are.

What’s the best thing about living with a Cockapoo?

How loving they are and how they are always there for you.

Tell us a bit about what happens to your Cockapoo during the day? Are they left alone? If so, how long? Do you use doggy dare care or a dog walker? Do you take them to the field, or prefer to take them for walks?

In the day we are always at home with him and he has never been left alone, he goes to the park and plays in the garden too.

Where is their favourite place to go for a walk?

Teddys favourite place to go for a walk is to our local park.

What advice would you give to someone looking into getting a cockapoo?

Make sure you’re prepared for sleepless nights if it’s a pup and just be patient because all the hard work pays off in the end. Also give them all the love you have because they will love you just the same in return.

What was the last photo of your dog that you took?

This is the last photo I took of teddy.




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