Taking Your Cockapoo To The Pub

I love the British pub.

Luckily, my favourite local pub also loves dogs.

Sometimes, it feels like there are more dogs there than people. My friend often comments that “It’s like Crufts in here with the number of dogs”. I quite like it and would say I’m more of a dog person than a people person. Chances are you are as well.

Luna isn’t perfect in the pub, and sometimes she can be a bit of hard work but I am going to list some tips that will help you take your dog to the pub.

Tips For Taking Your Cockapoo To The Pub

Go when it’s quiet at first

I’d always recommend taking your Cockapoo in when it’s quiet. Maybe a Monday night, or when the pubs just opened. Taking your dog into the pub for the first time when its crowded could be a bit overwhelming for them and you want to make sure that their first visit is a positive one.

Take plenty of treats

I wouldn’t be able to take Luna in the pub without treats. She can be quite nervous and hard work and wouldn’t settle as well if I didn’t have something to keep her occupied. I usually take a pocket full of small treats that can be fed one at a time. She will patiently sit and wait for these and I will drip feed them to her over time.

I will also take 1 big stick chew. One that will last a while and keep her busy.

A mixture of the above seems to work quite well.

At our local pub, they even have a free dog biscuit jar on the counter. These come in handy if I am running out.

Toilet Breaks

Dogs can’t speak to say that they need to go outside to the toilet. They might not even know where the exit is if the pub isn’t somewhere they visit often. I’d recommend just popping outside every 30 minutes or so with them just to make sure they can go to the bathroom if they need it.

Another good tip is to make sure they go just before you go in. My dog likes to take ages before she goes to the toilet, sniffing here, there and everywhere before she goes but its worth me waiting so that I have peace of mind when I am in the pub.

The last thing you want is to have to go to the bar and explain that your dogs just had an accident.

Not everyone likes dogs

I love dogs. You love dogs. However, not everyone else in the pub will. That’s why it’s important to keep your dog under close control and supervision at all times.

People will be walking past you with pint glasses in their hands and you don’t want your dog to walk in front of them and have the lead trip them up! I’ve seen it happen and it wasn’t nice.

Stranger danger

Luna doesn’t really like people. She’s more of a dog person. I am not a big fan of strangers just walking past and deciding that they can try and stroke her. For that reason, I prefer to keep her under the table and if someone wants to say hello to her they can ask me. Chances are Luna won’t go near them but I will offer the stranger a treat and let them feed it to her. She’s slowly getting better with people but I don’t think she will ever be a full-on people lover. 

What if you are eating

I’ll admit it. I save some off my plate for the dog. I can’t resist her eyes looking at me and if she’s with me then it can heavily influence what I am ordering. I can tell she wants me to get the steak or the burger! We have eaten in pubs many times with Luna and she’s always been pretty good. I would never allow her on a bench or chair when we are eating, she has to wait patiently and will be rewarded throughout the meal for being good with some little chunks of steak, chicken or whatever I am eating.

Be careful of other dogs

I’m not saying every dog in the pub is bad. Far from it. Some pubs can get quite busy with dogs and if you are passing in a small gap near the doorway its always best to keep your dog on a short lead so that if your dog or the other dog don’t like each other you can quickly handle the situation.

There’s a guy in my pub who has 2 dogs, he stands at the bar and drops the dogs leads. The dogs wander all over the place and it can be very annoying. I once had a quiet word and asked politely if he would keep his dogs by him as my dog can be a bit nervous. He didn’t seem very happy about it but he did it. I think it’s just a common courtesy to others to do it.

Leave if your dog won’t stop barking

People go to the pub to get away from the stress of daily life. There’s nothing worse than being sat in a pub only to hear a dog barking all the time. It’s not fair on others and if your dog won’t settle then its probably easier for everyone if you left them in peace 🙂


Taking your dog to the pub should be fun. After a long walk, we love to call in and have a pint with the dog. Give it a go!