The First 24 Hours With Your Cockapoo

Bring home your new cockapoo puppy (or older adopted cockapoo) is an exciting time. I remember the drive home from the breeders and being all excited when we came through the into the lounge. 

We had a pen set up in the corner with a new bed, lots of new toys as well as a food bowl with tasty treats and a bowl of water. Luna was quite a nervous dog so she was a bit overwhelmed with it all, but here’s what you can expect in the first 24 hours with your new dog.

What You Should Do

Let Them Explore

It’s likely that your dog is only 8 weeks old. They are still very young and everything is new to them. For our first day with Luna, we made sure that we had no planned visitors as we wanted the house to be a nice calm and quiet place for her to get settled in. The last thing we wanted was a large group of friends to come round and make a fuss of her. Don’t get me wrong, they all did over the next few weeks, but it’s not what we wanted on day 1.

If you have younger children you should ask them not to be around the dog all the time or be picking it up all the time. Your dog needs some privacy and time to adjust.

Don’t be alarmed if your pup settles in, finds his bed and goes for a snooze. Luna went into her bed after about an hour and curled up and fell asleep. It was adorable to see her sleeping and settled so soon. Pups can sleep for 20 hours a day, so don’t be alarmed if your pup falls asleep quickly.

Make Sure You Have Everything In

We have a checklist here of essentials of things to make sure you have before you bring your puppy home. The last thing you want is to be dashing out to pets at home or doing an Amazon Prime shop to get stuff that you forgot about.

Give Them Their Own Area

We had a playpen set up for Luna with the door always open. Inside there was her water bowl, a food bowl and a comfy bed with a few toys. When she went in there we left her to it with the door open. We wanted her to be able to go inside whenever she wanted and not feel trapped. When she was in there, we left her to it and didn’t bother her. We felt it was important for her to have her space that we wouldn’t invade.

You may decide to have a different area for your dog. I’ve seen some really cool under the stairs setups for dog pens. 

You might be an owner that decided to crate train. Its whatever works for you and your circumstances.

Let Them Outside

Our lounge backs onto the rear garden with patio doors. We got Luna in the spring so we let her outside. It was fun to see her walk on the grass for the first time. It was also the start of toilet training as we wanted her to get used to having a wee outside.

One thing our dog trainer did say to us on a house visit was that we should not keep the patio door open all the time. She said there was a worry that Luna would see the outside and inside as one room that would always be open and it was important to get the boundaries set that the back garden was not accessible to her all the time.

Sleep Deprivation

This one is for you, not the cockapoo!

It will be your dogs first night in strange surroundings and if they are a pup they will be away from their mum for the first time. Chances are they will not sleep through the night and this could carry on for weeks. Looking back, we should have slept downstairs with Luna more during the first few weeks.

Establish Rules

This might be a bit extreme on the first day but if your puppy decides it want to chew on the corner of your sofa then you need to keep an eye on them and let them know it’s not acceptable by moving them away from it and giving them a toy to chew on. Give them plenty of praise for chewing the toy over the corner of your sofa.

Play Time

There’s a good chance that before bedtime your cockapoo will have a crazy 30 minutes or hour where they just want to run around and play with everything. This is a good time to get on the floor and have some fun with your pup. Sometimes Luna would be absolutely crazy and drive me bananas. My wife said I should enjoy these times as they won’t last and they will be good to look back on and she was definitely right.

Final Thoughts

The first 24 hours is exciting but stressful. Take the next few days off work if you can and help your cockapoo settle in as well as they can.